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August 17, 2010

I don’t matter all that much. Please take that statement as it is intended, not as a cry for pity or a despondent outburst. I simply have come to remember lately that my life is pretty insignificant.

Sunday may provide a chance for me to deliver my most articulate, passionate and well-constructed lessons. Yet the words I speak cannot guarantee a changed heart.

Monday may provide a chance for me to cast a vision for the direction of our ministry. I may share that vision with a well-researched and defined plan of action. Yet the vision I cast cannot ensure that others will follow me.

Businessmen can’t guarantee a sale. Engineers can’t guarantee structural integrity. Musicians cannot guarantee enjoyment. We’re all powerless to force those around us to think, feel, or believe anything. We are insignificant. We don’t matter all that much when it comes to outcomes.

Scripturally, this comes as no surprise. Our lives are a “vapor” that appears for a little while then vanishes (James 4:14). We are “grass” that withers, “flowers” that fade (Isaiah 40:6-7). All of our efforts pale in comparison to the power and will of God. What He decides, happens.

I plant, others may water, but it is God who causes growth. Like a 3-year-old “helping” Dad fix the car engine, I “help” God with my efforts to be righteous and my efforts to influence those around me. I don’t really matter all that much.

While God doesn’t need my input or my actions, he still loves me deeply. Insignificance in function doesn’t mean insignificance in worth. God doesn’t need my help, but he still wants me around. God doesn’t require my skills, but He values when I pursue the things that matter to Him.

The bottom line? Simply live a life that places all faith and all trust in God. Rest easy in the knowledge that it is His plan and purpose that He asks me to join, not the other way around.


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