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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

December 8, 2010

“What I wouldn’t give for an old fashioned mop stick.” I’m serious.

I remarked that to a friend recently. Her response: “Oh me too. (You) surprised me somehow.”

I have found that there are many of us around. One gentleman the other day said, “I almost had one the other day but a woman reached in and grabbed it before I could get to it.”

Now I realize some, perhaps many of you, have never even seen the good and oh-so practical spring-loaded gadget on the wooden handle. Just flip this holder down and place an old worn hand towel or any good absorbent rag or cloth in, lift the spring-loaded handle. A better mop you never had.

You need a pail of water, basin or whatever, to hold the water, dip the mop in and out, of course you have to wring the water out with your hands. Wear rubber gloves if you want to — we never did. Oh, but what a clean, fresh-smelling floor for the whole kitchen, the whole house.

The wide array of mops or floor cleaners on the market today are not at all what we really want. Squared off corners just don’t get into all the corners and just don’t really clean.

I’ve been asking, talking about it as I usually do. An overwhelming number of you say, “Oh, me too” or “Yeah, I won’t buy these new disposable mops.”

It seems most everyone says, “I just get down on my knees and scrub my floors.” A couple of young mothers use their sons’ knee pads. And I think that’s a super idea.

I have found people are checking out estate sales, auction sales, garage sales.

This new disposable world is just getting to be too much.

My youngest son said, “Well, Mom, it helps to create new jobs, perhaps, if nothing lasts.” Thanks, Luckey but, no, surely not that.

Bye for now and God bless all of you.

— Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;


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