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Letters to the editor: Let citizens vote on judges; Animal ordinance makes sense

December 14, 2010

Tonganoxie fortunate to have Royce Kitts as library director

To the Editor,

In regards to the letter to the editor Dec. 8, Tonganoxie is very fortunate to have Royce Kitts as its librarian. We are also fortunate to have free use of computers at the library. Our library is an asset to adults and children in this community. The ultimate responsibility for the upbringing of children belongs to their parents, not the librarian. Perhaps parents should stop using the library as a free babysitting service.

Susy Ross,


Local man who took in horse commended for actions

Thank you for the wonderful story about Jay Miller and Levi in last week's edition. Stories like these confirm our belief that Leavenworth County is full of caring and responsible owners, and citizens who believe we can do better for animals and the people who love them. We count on that as we continue to work toward building and operating Leavenworth County's no-kill Animal Care Center. The good people and pets of Leavenworth County need, want and deserve that service.

Crystal Swann Blackdeer,

Leavenworth County Humane Society


jdhumm 7 years, 3 months ago

I want to thank the driver of the big new International truck with the snow blade that belongs to the city of Tonganoxie for running me off the road after he ran a stop sign while plowing snow about 5:30 am Thursday, January 20. This driver was plowing westbound along the south edge of the swimming pool as I was headed North on Main street. We both got to the intersection at the same time. He never even slowed down. I went up on the curb to avoid him. My apolgies if there is a law somewhere that says city employees in big heavy, intimidating vehicles have the right to not obey traffic laws while pushing snow. BTW, my four year old grand daughter was strapped in the back seat. I am telling you about the grand daughter so that maybe next time you are on a power trip while driving that big intimidating vehicle you might visualize just who all might be in the vehicle you are attempting to bully. I honestly thought you guys were better trained than that.

Sincerely and not anonymously, Jere Hummelgaard


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