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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

December 21, 2010

Wishing you all a very, very merry Christmas.

No, I’m not going to wish you all “happy holidays,” as far too many of today’s world would have us do. I have been actually surprised, in fact shocked, at some of the folks who are now doing so.

In fact, just today I turned to one such individual, with a smile and answered, “Oh and a very, very merry Christmas to you, sir.”

He was obviously embarrassed and ill at ease.

Too many in our world today would just scrap the real meaning of Christmas. Notice and count the few manger scenes, for instance, in the many house decorations, streets full of them for blocks and blocks. It’s really sad.

After all Christmas is really, as Becky’s little girl said: “Just Jesus’ birthday.”

Becky and her five small children had just lost their daddy to a very fast and sudden lung cancer, and Becky had very little for their Christmas. The little 9-year-old child then said, “Mommy, all we need is just one cupcake. We can put just one candle on it for a birthday cake for Jesus.”

So as we count our many blessings, let’s not forget to pray for the hurting ones in our midst and share what we have. So little to many can mean so very much to others.

Please don’t forget those lonely ones in our nursing homes, friends and even family members who may be there.

Merry Christmas.

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