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Santa letters

December 21, 2010

Editor’s note: The Mirror has intercepted letters being sent from the Tonganoxie Post Office to the North Pole. They will be sent on to Santa Claus, but have been typed word-for-word here. Additional letters to Santa will appear in upcoming editions of The Mirror.

Hi Santa,

I hope the elves are well.

I would like: bath toys, trumpet, Elmo, books

Love, Aria Rogers

Hi Santa Claus:

I hope you are doing well. This year for Christmas I would like: Pillow Pet, a real pet, pretty clothes, Princess and the frog, toy animals, books, toy laptop, binoculars

Love, Mallory Rogers

Dear Sata,

I have ben a good girl. Plees breg me:

  1. Stuffd dog 2. Penk boots with red herts 3. Moondouh and mooon sand 4. a big Barbie house 5. a red scarf 6. a iCarly ds game 7. Ramona and Beezus movie 8. Baby doll Cinderella

  2. a Barbie cruise boat 10. a Barbie scooter 11. a penk guitar

Love, Jillian

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well and are sick. I like you Santa. I would like the puppy that poops, a leash and collar for my Dougie, an American doll with glasses like mine and earrings and long blond hair, and a Tangled doll that braids. Please.

Love, Emma Skelley

Dear Santa,

My Name is Tayber. I have been a very good boy this year.

My sister and I are both writing you letters. I wanted to know if I could ask for some toys this year. My favorite thing to do is play with farm stuff and animals. I also really like football. Could I please have a Cheifs helmet so I can play with it?

I hope you and your reindeer have a safe trip this year and we will leave you some cookies and milk. And we will leave some carrots for the reindeer.

I love you.

Love, Tayber Witt

Dear Santa,

I am writing this letter for my little sister Kinsey because she is only 3. She wants to gogo my walking pup, Buz Lightyear and JoJo. She will thank you for anything she gets! Say hi to Mrs. Claus for me!

Your friends, Madelynn and Kinsey Bell

P.S. Please bring a bone for are dog Willie.

P.S.S. I would like Just Dance 2!

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing well and not too busy. I’m still too little to write so my mommy is helping me. I would like a Buzz Lightyear bike if that is OK. Please be safe on Christmas. I am counting down.

Love you, Weston Crane

Dear Santa,

I hope you are happy. I would like Fin Fin Friends.

Love, Rylynn Crane

Dangerous Hunts 20 with Wii game gun, Knights lego castle, Lions battle pack, camo pants size “14” with camo gloves that match. A rock ‘em sock ‘em. I want a telescope please. A air hawk trigger fire bow, bean bag for my room, The tag ball duel game, The ezy Roller for trips. The movie megamind. A Nano bug Habitat with two nano’s some football guys too.

Sincerely, Pake Simon

P.S. We will leave really good cookies.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. If you have time, could you please see if you can bring me a few things that I would like? I would like a karaoke machine to sing with and music stuff, and an art set. I like to draw and color. My brother and I would like some walkie-talkies so we can play with them outside. Then maybe some pottery stuff.

We will leave your reindeer some carrots and you some cookies and milk. Be careful on the roofs.


Jenna Witt

Christmas List

Beanbag chair, Bed canopy, microphone, dress up clothes, dolls, baby bunk beds, tinkerbel bouncy ball and a new pink watch.



Dear Santa

I been good


KU-animal, drum, telkscope, popcorn place, drink machine, Kitchen. Love elves.

Thank you, Madison Kirby

Dear Santa

I would like an iPod touch, stomp rocket and cash.


Do you like candy?

I like you Santa.

Love, Noah

Dear Santa,

I would really love a pirate boat, guys, legos, and dinosaurs.

Dear Santa

Thank you for making me a toy each year. Also, thank you for always giving me the thing I want that year. Also thank you for never giving up. So for Christmas I would like to get a pink camera please.

Love, Anja Bartels

Dear Santa

You are one of my bigist heros all I want for cristmas is a chance to be like you. Marry cristmas

Thank you, Nicholis Boone

Dear Santa

I would like a trampoline.

Love Will Blackburn

Dear Santa…

What I would like for chrismas is. A xBox 360 and a guitar and a potry macker and a Jolley Macker and a huge art kit. I know that you are very busy getting other kids presents. I hope I can get everything on my list. Say Hello to miss clause for me please. Make sure you gra my picture of you by your cookies and milk.

Sinsearly, Kaleigh Keeton.

Dear Santa,

I want a Mario Cart wii game please. Can you please send me a picksher of your raindear? Can you give me a pillow pet dolfin.


Garrett Shoemaker

Dear Santa

For Christmas I would like a ladybug and unicorn pillow pet.

Love you Keely

Dear Santa

I am 6 years old. I have been a good boy this year. I would like for Christmas Iron Man 2 case flat out guitar basketball new clothes pajamas.

Dakota Keeton

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all of the hard work you do. I have been good this year. I want a lime green camera.

Love, Ava

Dear Santa

I will like a track

Love Owen Blackburn

Dear Santa,

I would like a shopping cart.

Love, Clara

Dear Santa,

I want a pickup truck, a tran, a pillow pet, a jacket, lightning mcqueen and footed pajamas.

Love, Brayden Galyean

Dear Santa,

I want a Pillow Pet, books, boots and an Ipod touch (so I can talk to my friends).

Thank you, Austin Galyean

Dear Santa,

Hello, my name is Malachi, I’m 5 years old and I think I’ve been good this year, almost all the time. For Christmas, I would like to have a toy story Rex. A Toy Story bullseye horse, a dinosaur Train, moris the stegosaurs talking toy, and a tank the triceratops talking toy.

Thank you, Malachi.

I love Santa!

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing great and your raindeer. What I want for chrismas is frsit hanna manntana doll. I have been a great little gril this year. Second silly bands. Therd that onwner pet shope thig gril with bland harir and with the hampster forth monster high Frankiestin toy. Fith tangled Barbie dodl. Sitxh movie how to train your dragon. 7th who is hanna Montana movie disck. I hope miss claws is doing great. I hope you teel her hi for me pleas Have a very marry Christmas!

Sincerely, Frankie D.

Dear Santa

I would like a Mario Galaxy Game please. Why is the North Pole so far away?

Love, Justin Shoemaker

Dear Santa,

Hi, my name is Danielle. Everyone calls me Sissy. I’m 2 years old. My big brother says I’ve been bad so I should be on the naughty list. But mama says I’ve been good. So for Christmas I would like a toy story Jessie, a toy story woody, a Dora the Explorer house and a Dora blanket.

Thank you, Danielle.

Dear Santa,

Hi How are you? My name is Katie Denholm and I am 5. Have been a really good. I started Kindergarten at TES. My teacher is Sparks. She is a lot of fun. This year for Christmas I would like to have a doll car, little dress up dolls (princess), a light up spinner thing, a Wii game like Ethan’s (Red Mario) and a princess Wii game. We will leave you milk and cookies. We will make special oats for the raindeer too.



Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer, have you heard of Rudolph? I want a DS and a dinosaur set.

Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Santa, I want a batman video game

Your friend,

Indiana Renne

Dear Santa,

I want some cloths for Rebecca Rubin. I want art and craft kits. I want more yarn for my yarn box. I want more cloth and thread for my sewing kit. How are your reindeer? Merry Christmas Santa!

Your friend, Marie Brockhoff.

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph okay. What I want for Christmas is another DSI. Do yer reindee fly. Do you deliver presents your friend Hayden Hannigan.

Dear Santa,

I would like a Nintendo DS and a dragon stuffed animals and all of the kinds of stuffed dino animals. I wantin tos. How is Rudolph?

Your friend, Hallie

Christopher Lea

I want monster truck.

You friend, Christopher Love

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph and the other reindeer?

Your friend, Augustus Bachelor

Dear Santa,

I wont a pillowpet for Christmas and a ds. Can I have a jinglebell from your sleigh? I wish I could have a tree house in my back yard and a little card game and a lot of sillybands. Can I have a book about you? Can I please have a can to put my stuff in and the movie Mgomyne? Y friend,

Eva Romero

Dear Santa,

I want a Mario DSXL and some Legos too please, I don’t care what kind. Merry Christmas Santa write me another letter. Is Rudolph real?

Your friend, Owen Welsh

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolp real? If he is I hope he and the other reindeer are feeling well.

Merry Christmas!!!

Your friend, Benjaman H. Suber.

Dear Santa,

I want a ds ixl. Dear Santa, I want a dirt bike.

Your friend, Michael Irwin.

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer doing? Like your Rudolph? I would like a pocket rocket. for Christmas

Your friend, Alexzander Mack

Dear Santa,

How aer your reindeer? Are your Elves at the North Pole. good I want a DSI

Your friend Justin Postlethwoite.

Dear santa,

I want a Dsixl. That’s not all I want lots of act ion figures and a four-wheeler. Santa

Your friend Hayden Isto

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? Is he good? I hope he is. I miss the reindeers and I miss you too Is Rudolph real and please tell me. How are you today? Merry Christmas Santa! Can you ask the elves and see if they are good too? Can you give me Video girl for Christmas your friend. Jordan Knipp.

Dear Santa,

I want a Spy watch and I want a little car and a big car. I want a train that moves and a Punching bag.

Your friend, Jacob Riker.

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer? Merry Christmas.

Your friend, Haley Likes

Dear Sata,

I want some pajamas and puring cat (bis) and purple, Dsi

Your friend Courtney Mills

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus?

Your friend, Kobi Bearden

Merry Christmas.

Dear Santa

I want a spy watch Santa. How many cookies can you eat? You are very nice.

Your friend, Cooper Jones.

Dear Santa,

I want an x-box 360 Connect. I want a wii game supr snash brothers. Is Jack Frost real? I want a dsi with a game. I want devastator from tran. I want devastator frum trans formers. Are the reindeers good

Your friend Jackson Lynn

Dear Santa,

I want a dinosaur and a dinosaur book. How many reindeer do you have? I want some animals too. How many elves do you have? I want a pocket rocket.

Your friend Eli Caiharr

Dear Santa,

I want a robot dog for Christmas. I want a robot deer. I want a robot dinosaur. I want a toy dog. I wan a toy bear. I want a toy dinosaur.

Your friend, Sierra Capple

Dear Santa,

My name is Carter Cash Folsom. I’ve been a very very good boy this year. This is my third chirstmas this year and I would really like some apple juice, a new John deere mower, and maybe a trailer for my tractor! Thank you very much Santa, have a safe trip too!

P.S. I’m leaving you some cookies, a candy cane and milk.

Love, Carter

Dear Santa,

Hi, my name is Danielle. Everyone calls me Sissy. I’m two years old. my big brother says I’ve been bad so I should be on the naughty list. but mama says I’ve been good. so for Christmas I would like a toy story Jessie, a toy story woody, a Dora the explorer house, and a Dora the explorer house, and a Dora blanket.

Thank you, Danielle.

My name is Austin Morrow.

I hope you, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer are doing good. Here is my Christmas list (I have been a very good boy).

  1. Firetruck game; 2. Firetruck puzzle with 19 firefighters, a pole and their gear, and firetrucks, ladder firetrucks and pumper trucks; 3. train tracks; 4. Crayons; 5. Big Boy Clothes; 6. Fire truck books; 7. Little fire truck and ambulance.

Dear Santa

I wish and hope I get 1. Phone, 2. Compter. 3. Hoodie bare. 4. Hoodie Hannaha Monta Big time rush.

Dear Santa,

I would like the $25 Ipod from Dollar General, green headphones, 6 pairs of knee socks, 8 pairs of toe socks, my own stamps, a stationary, green gloves (warm ones). That is all.

Love, Maria Renee Taylor

Dear Santa

I hope your are ok! I have tride has best to be good. I wish I could have a dsi. I really won’t a phone thowe. I wont a lot of toys. I really wont bike.

Dear Santa,

I hope you are OK! I have been as good as I could be — for a boy! I hope I can get toycar, xbox 360, big-time rush hoodie.

Dear Santa,

I would like Barbies, babies, Moxie Girls, a Barbie house for all my Barbies to live in, princess toys, and dress up clothes for Christmas. I have been a very good girl and will share all my toys. Merry Christmas.

Dear Santa Claus

How are the elves? Can I please have a Beanie baby, and a snow globe and a book on cats? I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Rebekah Brown

Dear Santa Claus

Heli that shoots little tikes car to drive, Tomy City, DS, Toy Story 3 DS Monster Jam Wii, Rocket, Lego subway, basket ball shoes, small skateboards and ramp, Dog (puppy), Tool set, real construction, Epic Micket Wii.

Conner Cole

Dear Santa,

A airplane for conner for Christmas. A pretty ring for my mom for Christmas. A big pink chair. A art Kent. Romon books. Pollow pet, unicorn, give me a Vikings flag for my dad for Christmas.

Your friend, Cadence Cole

Dear Santa,

Pokemon, Black and white Hershese Bar, car house, metal lego star wars, Pokemon DvDs, Mario party, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games winter.

Drew Pfannenstiel.

Dear Santa,

I have been very nice this year. Well, except for the one time when I was mean to my sisters. I would really like to find a snow white dress under the tree!

From, Maya Romero

I hope you are fine at the North Pole. Every one in my class thinks you are a fake. But I know you are real. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Your friend, Sofia

Dear Santa,

Hi! My name is Lily. I’m only two, so my mom is writing this for me. I love kittys, doggies and horses. I would love anything you bring for me.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Love, Lily Rude

Dear Santa,

How are you doing this year?

This year I’m doing good and being good! I would like a suitcase, play computer, the walking dog and two real kittens. And a doghouse for the doggy and a stick horse. Oh and I want a ring. Thank you Santa for all my things!

Tenley Rude

Dear Santa

Eche yer you gev me a lot But this yer I want a moxy girl. And a pillow pet But can I have a laty bug? A Barby summing pool with puppy.

From Taia Rude

Dear Santa Claus

How are the Reindeer? How is Mrs. Claus? Is your sleigh in good shape? I want a cow and a dog for Christmas.

Love, Steven Brown

Dear Santa,

Can I have a Talor Swift Poster or Dog Poster? Can I havea small fan and some zhu zhu pets? Can I have some art stuff? Can I have a tent and a sleeping bag whell camping stuff? Can I have stuff fro my hamser’s dog, cat horse or chick to play with? Can I have a stocking full of cand? Can I have a piggybank that counts your money? Can I please Please have a DS???? Can I have Play Stashn 2 games like Tony hawk underground and stuff like that Please? Can I have boy cat collar?

Thank you Santa sorry for being so grety!

Your friend, Kay

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is:

  1. Big Stinky 2. Motor 4 wheeler 3. Motor go-cart 4. criss cross crash 5. Remote Control firetruck

Love, Alex Stevens

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a motor dirt bike, a GI Joe plane with a guy, a remote control helicopter, bobo fett. I ilke you Santa!

Jackson Stevens

Dear Santa, I want moon dough and furry bunny fiell, zic and kinectimarls xbox 360 and a new Leapster game called Tangled and some squikeekies and a puppy swim school with a pool and a go go and me. Tell the reindeer I said Hi. How are you doing. Is it busy at the North pole? From: Sydney to: Santa.


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