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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

February 3, 2010

This from an about-to-be grandmother (her first one):

“I grew up hearing my grandmother say, ‘There will be a way,’ when I would be stewing about, or over something we or I needed and there was just no way we could afford it. Now a grandmother myself, I often find myself quoting her.

“I, like others you have mentioned, now have a sewing machine. It’s so necessary, too, as we save every dime we can. Again, like so many others, I wanted to sew but just never learned. Somehow, I just never thought I had the time. Now I’m so much of the time experiencing those all-thumbs moments.”

She was trying to put the pre-folded bias tape around the edges of some bibs for a new grandson. That tape is so uniquely made but you have to know it’s a very special fold, that’s all. And being bias, it goes so neatly around those curved bib edges once you get the hang of it, no pinning or basting even needed.

So look inside — it has a centerfold and two edges also folded over toward that centerfold. One of those outside edges is just a wee bit wider than the other. When you are all done and finished, that wider edge will be (needs to be) the right side of the bib or collar or whatever.

We’ll use her bib project here: I’d suggest pinning it in place until you get a feel of it. Start on the wrong side. Now place that narrower edge of the pre-folded tape along the bib’s curved edge and get it pinned or basted in place. Now machine stitch right on its fold line, the center folded line of the tape should at the cut edge — it will fold readily right over onto the right side of the bib. Now stitch along its edge and all done. Wasn’t that quick and easy?

Bye for now. God bless and keep warm.

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