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THS students could become next stars of MTV’s ‘Made’ at auditions

February 24, 2010

Everyone has a dream. For some it is to achieve fame on the silver screen. For others it might be to win an Olympic medal. The hit MTV show “Made” gives students the opportunity to realize these dreams.

On Thursday, producers of the show will be at Tonganoxie High School to give THS students that opportunity, as well.

Airing since 2002, “Made” is a self-improvement show that follows teens who want to be “made” into something, such as homecoming queen or a star athlete. The teens have the help of a “Made Coach,” an expert in their field, who helps teens as they pursue their goals.

THS principal Jamie Carlisle said he received an e-mail about the show doing auditions in the Kansas City metro area and he thought the premise of the show sounded like a nice fit.

“Being an educator, that sounded like a good theme,” Carlisle said. “It sounded like a good show or a good purpose, if you will.”

Show representatives only will be auditioning students for the 2010 season, and many students hope they will land on the show.

“I think to get picked, it needs to be a dramatic change,” THS senior Cory Stacer said. “You have to want to be made into something that’s the complete opposite of yourself.”

Though that isn’t always the case, recent episodes have taken groups of people, such as cheerleading squads, and made them better, not something completely different.

Senior Caleb Wager admitted he had never seen the show, but “it sounds like a good idea. It’s something a lot of people could use to help achieve their dream.”

While there’s no guarantee a Tonganoxie student will be chosen, the excitement of having a nationally known TV show at the school is tangible.

“Every time I think about it, it’s just like ‘Wow, why Tonganoxie?’” said junior Elliot Brest. “But at the same time it’s pretty exciting.”

MTV officials will be conducting auditions during lunch periods Thursday at THS. Auditions will take place at the Chieftain Room.


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