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Skiing down memory lane

January 6, 2010

To the editor:

I enjoyed reading your article on Pam Jeannin and it brought back many fond memories. Many years ago, maybe 25, my dear friend Trish Gilgin and I donned the skis every chance we got and anywhere in the area where we knew there was enough snow to ski on.

In fact, even though we weren’t very good at it, we decided to go to Oslo, Norway, to ski. I worked in the travel industry and got a free hotel with breakfast included for us the entire weekend and some super special airfare for me. Trish’s husband was with TWA, so she also got the deal of deals! Can you imagine two novices going to Hollmenkollen to ski? We had to fly different airlines because our discounts were not on the same lines, but we met at the hotel in Oslo. Each morning, after breakfast, we would go shopping and then about noon, we would catch the train to Hollmenkollen for the 5-mile cross country trail. It was absolutely breathtaking as well as humorous. On the train, the schoolchildren would point at us, giggle and say “the Americans.”

So I guess they knew we were there, of course, I’m sure our clothes gave us away. On the trail we slipped and slid along. We came across a class of children with Down’s Syndrome who were skiing as if they had been born on skis. There was one spot on the trail where we were sure to hug the mountain, afraid that we would end up going down the champion ski jump used in the Olympics at one time. It was a trip of a lifetime and every time Trish and I mention it to one another, we smile and laugh. What wonderful memories and so many stories.

Dot Ward,



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