Letters: Remember Fred Leimkuhler; Singing petition; TMS FCCLA appreciative

January 19, 2010

Remembering Fred Leimkuhler

To the editor:

In the passing of Fred Leimkuhler, the community lost a great man. And we lost one of the best friends ever. Fred and Martha served the Stanwood Friends Church for 24 years, giving so generously of their strengths, time and multiple talents. In our hearts he remained our beloved pastor. My Bible has numerous “Fred quotes” and dates of many of his sermon topics.

On these bitter snowy mornings I can hear his admonition: “Feed the birds.” He cared so for all living creatures, along with his great love for all humanity. “Enter to worship; go out to serve” was another of his reminders.

Countless times he ministered at the side of a hospital bed and over a grave site. Folks who needed him did not need to be a member of an organized church. God had called him to minister to all who needed him. In our own family, he presided at marriages, baby dedication and in sad goodbyes.

He taught me many things about growing trees and plants, even though I couldn’t remember those long scientific names. He answered so many questions about things in nature. His talents were multi-faceted, his antique fruit trees, his antique roses, the beautiful peony bed, making dulcimers, his great knowledge of Quaker history, as well as history of the area.

His passing has left a great hole in my heart. He certainly “fought the good fight” and earned his reward. He did not wish for accolades, but I had to write this bit in honor. Along with his gift of writing, he encouraged me to write. Another gift was his marvelous sense of humor.

Thank you, dear friend, for being such a great part of our lives. Though you left a weaving unfinished on your loom, the weaving of your life is complete. I will remember again, when my “Red Charm” peony blooms in the spring. And again…

Margaret Smelser,


Signing petition

To the editor:

Thank you taxpayers of Leavenworth County. Due to your huge response in regard to the airport petition that I am circulating, I have been unable to get to all of you.

If you are interested in signing and you are a Leavenworth County registered voter, I have petitions at Shilling Electric, 511 E. Fourth St. in Tonganoxie, across the street northwest of the post office. I have also have reserved the Jahn Meeting room at the Leavenworth Public Library, 417 Spruce St., for 1-5 p.m. Friday, 1-5 p.m. Saturday, 1-5 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 31. Thank you all for your support in this effort. I can be reached at (913) 724-1188 or cell (913) 221-5256, email:

Irene M. Tork,


TMS FCCLA appreciative

To the editor:

The past year has been very difficult for families in our community due to financially difficult times. However, our organization has seen such generosity in our schools and community. People have donated to the middle school's Project Warm and Cozy coat drive, money was given to help buy Thanksgiving turkeys and the middle school hosted a food drive.

All of these have been done to help our local Good Shepherd and those that live in our area. FCCLA's central focus is the family and Tonganoxie shows how important family is to this community. The members of FCCLA appreciate everyone that has helped to make Tonganoxie a stronger and caring community. Thank you, from the Tonganoxie Middle School FCCLA.

Emma DeMaranville,

for the Tonganoxie Middle School FCCLA

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