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Letter to the editor: Cycilists’ usage on County Road 5 should be addressed

July 7, 2010

Cyclist use on County Road 5 should be addressed

To the editor:

Bicycle riders pose a danger on County Road 5. Bike lanes need to be made for them, or they need to find another route. As busy as that highway is, oncoming traffic must slow, go into the other lane. There will be an accident eventually, with the bikers being hurt the most.

Something has to be done. Also, remember, on four-lane highways, the left lane is made for passing. If you are moving slower than the right lane, get over into the right lane and let the faster traffic in the left.

This will ease much of the congestion on 24/40. Please get off your cell phones, quit putting make up on, no texting.

Michael Dunn,



Chris McGhee 7 years, 10 months ago

Good points Mike. I'll also add that it is a state law that you you must drive in the right lane and pass in the left. The highway patrol may cite drivers who do not comply. As far as the bicyclist go, there is surely a law that establishes a minimum speed on county roads that bicyclists should be made to adhere to. Not only do these bicyclists ride slow, they often ride in groups spread out over distances that make passing very dangerous. Michael is right, someone will eventually get hurt and it will not be the one in the F250.


vertigo 7 years, 9 months ago

Sounds like some people need to reread Kansas laws regarding bicycles.

They have just as much legal right to the road as you do.


mldmsd 7 years, 9 months ago

Vertigo, don't disagree, just Co Rd 5 is a dangerous highway to ride on. Not trying to get rid of bicycles, just want the county to address safety.


jdhumm 7 years, 1 month ago

The bicycles on county 5 is an occasional problem especially on busy Saturday mornings. Would help if the riders would spread out and not ride in clumps. Last time I checked, motorized vehicles are not allowed to run side by side and in clumps on two lane roads.

As for 24 40 that highway is downright dangerous from the County 5 overpass on to the FasTracks intersection, especially during the early morning and evening rush hours. I come home from the east usually around 5 to 5:30 each evening and turn south on Villiage Street to my home a few blocks to the south. What amazes me is the people who are coming from the west and want to turn north on County 5. They get in the center turning lane as they come barreling from the west and start doing so as they are passing the Country Market 66 gas station. There have been several times I have narrowly missed being hit head on as I am sitting in the turning lane trying to turn south on Village street by some of these people hogging the center lane prematurely.

As for the 50 mph speed limit through there, that is a joke. Most people heading east are doing 60 plus soon as they get past the the county road 5 overpass. I know a couple of fatal accidents have occured in that stretch from County 5 overpass to FasTrax intersection over the past few years. Looks to me like a traffic light at the intersection of county 5 and 24 40 would help slow people down through this stretch and may even save a life or two in the future.


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