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Tidal Waves 3rd at league championship

July 12, 2010

The Tongie Tidal Waves’ 2010 season came to a successful close on Friday in Kansas City, Kan., with a third-place finish at the Lake and Country Club League championship.

Tonganoxie swimmers won league titles in nine events, with Asher Huseman’s four championships — in boys 12 and under freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and medley — leading the way.

Girls on the Tidal Waves won three league finals. In the 10 and under division, Abigail Frye won the butterfly and the medley. Marissa Kearns (8 and under) was first in the backstroke.

On the boys side, David Falk, Lee Maughmer, Josh Sloan and Evan Stilgenbauer won the 14 and under freestyle relay, while Holden DeGraff, Gad Huseman, Zeb Huseman and Patterson Starcher won the same event in the 10 and under division.

Asher Huseman, meanwhile, won a plaque at the championship for having the highest point total in his division.

“It was a fantastic season for us,” said coach Janet Falk, who saw the second-year Tonganoxie swim team finish as the third best program in its seven-team league.

The coach thanked everyone involved with the team for making the program work.

“I truly feel that the secret to the Tongie Tidal Waves’ success was from the help of all the wonderful parents, grandparents and friends that stepped up to help with coaching, timing, stroke judging and all of the other various jobs needed during the swim meets,” Falk said.

After competing with just 35 swimmers in its inaugural season a year ago, the club finished this season with 71 members. More than 60 of them competed in the league prelims and finals.

Lake and Country Club League Championship

July 9 at Kansas City, Kan.

Team standings: 1. Lake Quivira, 754; 2. Lake of the Forest, 494; 3. Tonganoxie, 337; 4. Leavenworth, 332; 5. Turner, 310 pts; 6. Piper, 249; 7. Bonner Springs, 43.

Tidal Waves individual results


18 and under

Lacie Falk — fourth, freestyle relay; sixth, butterfly; eighth, breaststroke; ninth, freestyle, medley.

Nikki Gee — fourth, freestyle relay; fifth, breaststroke; eighth, butterfly.

Sidney Grinter — sixth, medley relay; ninth, breaststroke.

Alexis Tate — sixth, medley relay.

14 and under

Samantha Koch — fifth, medley relay; sixth, freestyle relay.

Kennedy Morey — fifth, medley relay; sixth, freestyle relay.

Emma Stilgenbauer — fifth, medley relay; sixth, freestyle relay.

Allison Thompson — fifth, medley relay; sixth, freestyle relay.

12 and under

Emily Chambers — fourth, freestyle relay; fifth, medley relay.

Nicole Tallent — fourth, freestyle relay; fifth, medley relay.

Alex Teeple — fourth, freestyle relay; fifth, medley relay.

Grace Woods — fourth, freestyle relay.

10 and under

Abigail Frye — first, butterfly, medley; second, backstroke, breaststroke; third, freestyle relay, medley relay.

Courtney Cruickshank — third, freestyle relay, medley relay; 10th, medley.

Ashley Stieben — third, freestyle relay; fifth, medley relay; sixth, freestyle; ninth, butterfly, medley.

Molly Monahan — third, freestyle relay, medley relay.

Baily Bradley — third, medley relay.

8 and under

Marisa Kearns — first, backstroke; seventh, freestyle.

Caia Niemeyer — fourth, freestyle relay.

Cadyn Niemeyer — fourth, freestyle relay.

Emmie Derzinski — fourth, freestyle relay.

Hannah Stieben — fourth, freestyle relay.

Meron Hayden — seventh, breaststroke.

6 and under

Cady Niemeyer — fourth, freestyle; fifth, backstroke.

Hannah Stieben — eighth, backstroke.


18 and under

Cameron Maughmer — second, backstroke; fourth, freestyle, freestyle relay; sixth, medley relay; eighth, butterfly, medley.

Seth Ahart — fourth, freestyle relay; sixth, medley relay.

14 and under

David Falk — first, freestyle relay; second, freestyle, breaststroke; third, butterfly, medley; fourth, medley relay.

Lee Maughmer — first, freestyle relay; third, backstroke; fourth, freestyle, medley; sixth, butterfly.

Josh Sloan — first, freestyle relay; fifth, breaststroke; 10th, medley.

Evan Stilgenbauer — first, freestyle relay; fourth, medley relay

Chad Stieben — fourth, medley relay.

Andrew Harris — fourth, medley relay.

12 and under

Asher Huseman — first, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, medley; second, freestyle relay.

Luke Falk — second, freestyle relay; third, butterfly.

Matt Johnson — second, freestyle relay.

Josh Sloan — second, freestyle relay.

Lucas Skaggs — eighth, backstroke.

10 and under

Gad Huseman — first, freestyle relay; second, medley relay; third, breaststroke, medley; fourth, butterfly; sixth, backstroke.

Zeb Huseman — first, freestyle relay; second, backstroke; sixth, medley relay; eighth, butterfly.

Holden DeGraff — first, freestyle relay; second, medley relay; seventh, breaststroke; ninth, freestyle.

Patterson Starcher — first, freestyle relay; sixth, freestyle, medley relay; seventh, backstroke.

James Breedlove — second, medley relay; sixth, freestyle relay.

Alex Falk — second, medley relay; sixth, freestyle relay; ninth, medley.

Rylan Hellman — sixth, freestyle relay, medley relay.

Jon Derzinski — sixth, freestyle relay.

Jake Derzinski — sixth, medley relay.

8 and under

Nick Teeple — third, breaststroke, freestyle relay; fourth, freestyle; seventh, butterfly; eighth, backstroke.

Caden Hellman — third, freestyle relay; fifth, freestyle; 10th, backstroke.

Emmett Keene — third, freestyle relay; sixth, backstroke; 10th, freestyle.

Jack Duvall — third, freestyle relay.


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