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Remember When: A community review

July 13, 2010

10 years ago: June 28, 2000

Deaths: Roy F. Dodge, Jr., McLouth, died June 23, 2000; Kenneth C. Novo-Gradac, 88, Bonner Springs, died June 22, 2000 in Palm Desert, California; Marjorie L. Welton, 94, Tonganoxie, died June 26, 2000.

Kansas ranch goes public: (Caption under picture) Mary Stevenson greets dinner guests at the Circle S. Ranch, which is northwest of Tonganoxie in Jefferson County. (Mary Stevenson was the fifth generation of her family to live on the land. She took over the cattle operation on the 1,200-acre ranch about the time she graduated from McLouth High School. The farm was purchased in the 1860s from the railroad by her ancestor, Fillmore Steward. Ms. Stevenson said that about 12 years ago Arden Booth, who started KLWN radio, suggested that she do a dude ranch. Construction by Jack Cronemeyer began in 1996 and on May 1, 1998, the first guests checked in.)

Births: Kelly and Tara Angell, Tonganoxie, a son, Hunter Adam Angell, June 8, 2000; Brandon and Kelli Chop, rural Leavenworth, a son, William Anthony Richard Chop, April 27, 2000.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence “Pappy” Cavaner, Leavenworth, will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary July 2 at their home.

Tonganoxie has a new centenarian. Edna Wilper, born June 28, 1900, in Garnett, celebrated her birthday Sunday with 35 relatives.

25 years ago: June 26, 1985

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lohman, Tonganoxie, a daughter, Danielle Nicole, born June 14, 1985; Tom and Rhonda White of Visalia, Calif., a son, Taylor Evan, born June 18, 1985; Joe and Tina Walker of Tonganoxie, a son, Bruce Kane Walker, born June 20, 1985.

Death: Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bowman, 89, Leavenworth, died June 19, 1985.

Mrs. Fred (Jeanne) Mills of Topeka, the daughter of Mrs. Paul (Anna Mary) Doege, graduated from the School of Nursing at Washburn College on May 19 in Topeka.

Another Tonganoxie young mother, Mrs. Gary (Jane) Myers graduated in May with an Associate in Arts Degree in Nursing from Community College in Kansas City, Kansas. Jane graduated from KU with a degree in Micro-Biology 15 years ago, and has been going to school along with caring for five children. Quite an accomplishment.

McLouth News: Mrs. Frances Hagel was 101 years old on June 26.

Linwood News: Mabel Pettengill attended a family reunion June 23rd at the 4-H Building in Lawrence. This was the Beaman families get-together, which consisted of cousins from the first to the fifth cousins, all that is life of John Beaman and his brothers and sisters lineage. There were 35 who enjoyed visiting.

50 years ago: July 14, 1960

Moscow, July 11: The Soviet Union announced today it shot down an American RB-47 reconnaissance plane July 1 over Soviet territory and that two crewmen parachuted to safety and are being questioned. (The White House said the plane was over international waters when the event occurred. The plane went down with a crew of six. The two captured fliers were Lt. John R. McKone, 28, Tonganoxie, and Lt. Freeman B. Olmstead, 24, Elmira, NY. Lt. McKone’s mother, Mrs. Jean McKone, sent a telegram to Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev asking for news of her son. The other crew members did not survive the plane being shot down.)

Linwood: Mr. and Mrs. Leo DePrato announce the birth of a daughter July 5, 1960.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. John Himpel, a daughter, July 12, 1960; Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clark, Jr., of Englewood, Colo., a daughter, Debra Lynne, July 5, 1960.

Reno: Mrs. Harry Skeet attended funeral services Wednesday afternoon, July 6, at Bonner Springs, for a cousin, Walter Eaton, whose home was in Linwood.

75 years ago: June 20, 1935

Aged Woman Dies Here: Mrs. Hannah Nichols, widow of the late Joseph Nichols, mother of Mrs. Mary Jarrett and John Nichols, passed away at her home June 14, at 11 o’clock at the age of 91 years, 7 months and 4 days.

Word was received in Tonganoxie this week by relatives of the death of Mrs. T. L. Ellis at her home in Conway Spring. Mr. Ellis was also said to be in a critical condition, not expected to live. Death was said to have been due to complications of old age. Mrs. Ellis was in her late 80s; Mr. Ellis is 95 years of age.

John Paton, age 91, passed away Saturday at his home in Kansas City.

Shirley Ann Adams, seven months old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Adams of Leavenworth, died Sunday, a victim of pneumonia.

The chief “high spot” in relation to Mr. Stork, shows up this week from northwest of Tonganoxie, where the said bird swooped down and left twin baby girls at the J.W. Seaver home, just off No. 24.

The week’s “dastardly deed” comes in from Stanwood, where Hiram Haworth, returning from McLouth on the No. 24 slab in a horse and buggy was struck Saturday night by an automobile. The buggy was demolished, the horse ran away, and Mr. Haworth left lying in an unconscious condition while the car sped away.

100 years ago: June 30, 1910

Warren Mark, who has been fireman at the Kansas Condensed Milk Plant, quits today and will get his threshing outfit ready for work.

A party came over Friday from Lawrence in a $6,500 automobile. There are few people in Lawrence who can afford such an expensive machine. Was the owner of this one of them?

Sixty-one years ago William Freienmuth was born in Switzerland and some neighbors and Grangers who discovered that the anniversary fell last Thursday evening dropped in at his home two miles northwest and completely surprised him. It was Mr. Freienmuth who first made Tonganoxie flour famous, for he came here in 1888 when the mill started and was its head miller until he retired a few years ago to devote his entire attention to fruit raising.

William Wesemann living two miles southwest received word Monday that his father had been killed by lightning that afternoon. Mr. Wesemann the senior, lived in Texico, N.M.

John F. Kean, who came to Tonganoxie in 1868 and lived here several years, has died in Blaine, Wash., at the age of 61 years.

Lem Evans wanted to capture a swarm of bees that had located in one of his trees Tuesday, and he secured a saw and a ladder. When he had sawed off the limb on which the bees had bunched, it swung around and broke the ladder. Mr. Evans landed with the bees and limb, but despite his years he moved so quickly that not a bee left its stinger, nor was he in the least injured.


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