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Remember When: A community review

July 21, 2010

10 years ago: July 5, 2000

Representatives of the Commerce Bank, Leavenworth, presented a $25,000 check Friday to members of the Leavenworth County Fair Board. Bill Petrie, president of Commerce Bank, said the grant from the William T. Kemper Foundation was earmarked for the Leavenworth County 4-H Foundation. The funds will help rebuild the fairgrounds, severely hit by the May 11 tornado.

Births: Terry and Debbie Miller, Tonganoxie, a daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, June 8, 2000; Nick and Beth Carey, McLouth, a son, Colbert Allen Carey, on June 18, 2000; Lea and Adam Abramovitz, Tonganoxie, a daughter, Kelsie, on June 29, 2000.

(Caption under picture) Gene Schultz has donated a carving of a Jayhawk to the University of Kansas. The carving will be displayed in a new physiology laboratory at Robinson Center on the KU campus. (Mr. Schultz carved two Jayhawks to donate. He had worked as maintenance supervisor at the center for 15 years before retiring eight years ago.)

Artist Sharon White Falkner has accepted a teaching position in Florence, Italy, after graduating from the University of Kansas with a master of arts degree. (Falkner won the prestigious Hollander Award at KU for her art work, which centers on landscape as sacred space. She also was honored by the Nunemaker Center of KU, which will display two of her paintings for the following school year.)

25 years ago: July 3, 1985

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Toothman, formerly of McLouth, celebrated their 50th anniversary at Tiffany’s Attic. They saw the play “My Funny Valentine,” and had a nice dinner.

(Caption under picture) These five young men had their Kool-aid stand open for business Tuesday afternoon. (Pictured were Chris Estes, Trent Shriner, Brandon Wilson, Tyler West and Travis Shriner. According to Jan Shriner, mother of two of the boys, they had made $12 so far and planned on staying open Wednesday.)

Calvin and Marie McDaniel recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at their home. A family gathering was held by their children. All enjoyed the day and Marie summed up 25 years of marriage with these words: “A lasting love has the persistence of a thistle, the tenderness of a rose petal and the strength of tempered metal.”

Deaths: Private services were held for Jeannie Schultz Stewart, rural Lawrence, at Rumsey Funeral Home, with private burial following at McLouth Cemetery; Raymond William Cronemeyer, 85, Tonganoxie, passed away June 28, 1985; Lloyd (Stub) Yates, 73, Tonganoxie, passed away July 1, 1985.

Birth: Dale and Edna Dunlap announce the birth of their daughter, Stephanie Leigh, June 23.

50 years ago: July 21, 1960

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Miller of Claplan, Kansas, announce the birth of a son, Robert Bradley, July 15, 1960.

Mr. and Mrs. John Himpel have named their baby daughter Barbara Jo.

A drive is under way in Tonganoxie to secure 1,000 signatures to a telegram to the Secretary of State Christian Herter. The telegram will request state department consideration and aid in sending a citizen of this community to Russia to see John McKone. The trip would be for one purpose only, that of assuring his parents and family of his physical well being.

Deaths: Edward E. Hoskins, Memphis, Tenn., passed away July 18, 1960, at the age of 74 years; Mrs. Ethel Mae Allison, age 77, died in Leavenworth Monday. She had lived in Linwood for 58 years; Nelson M. LeSuer, 63, a near lifetime resident of Lawrence, died Saturday in Tucson, Ariz., where he moved two years ago; Ralph Waldo Stewart, RR 3, Tonganoxie, passed away July 18, 1960, at the age of 71 years.

75 years: June 27, 1935

Hitting the High Spots: The Mirror news reel shows some strange goings-on this week. A strange animal caught in the backwater of the Kaw by a Tonganoxie man … a big leech, 7 inches long, possibly dropped from a rain cloud … some queer worms, with rat tails, discovered on a farm northwest of Tonganoxie … and last, but not least, a demonstration in Tonganoxie of ways to kill termites, the bugs that eat houses. Nor, it may be said, is all this the results of expended use of “spirits.” Just to keep the record straight, Tonganoxie is a strong prohibition community.

George Reardon, 79, of Bonner Springs, died Monday. Until 1920, Mr. Reardon resided on a farm in Stranger township.

Stanwood: The twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Seavor have been given the names of Darlene Mae and Charlene Faye.

Rose Hiatt Ellis passed away June 16, 1935, at her home in Conway Springs.

Want More for CCC Camps: There is plenty of room for young men allowed to Leavenworth County in CCC camps. There were seventeen sent to camps last week but so far none have applied since. Young men are accepted from needy families. They receive $30 per month, $25 of which is sent home to their parents.

100 years ago: July 7, 1910

Struck by a Train: John McCaffrey, Jr., while driving home from the dance at three o’clock Tuesday morning, was run down by the east bound Missouri Pacific freight train at a crossing one mile east and seriously injured. The horse he was driving was killed and the buggy destroyed.

Mrs. William Collins was bitten on the right arm just above the wrist by a dog supposed to be made, a week ago last evening. (Mrs. Collins went to Topeka to take fourteen treatments and was going to stay a couple of weeks to be treated.)

Lawrence claims an automobile ownership of one to every 120 persons. Tonganoxie has ten machines and four are out of commission. Now what is our per capita circulation.

Ray Ridgeay took a forced layoff Friday, when he accidentally cut a deep gash in his left thumb. He had just finished shaving himself in his barber shop when the razor slipped and cut to the bone.

Dr. Coe took a long distance run yesterday on his little Brush automobile and went to Eudora and Lawrence. He found he made as good time as the larger machines. J.S. Grist went along with him.

August Deichman got in from Maple Hill, where he has been doing bridge work. He is considering a visit to his mother in Germany and if he goes will start about the 20th.


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