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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 28, 2010

So often as we go through our busy lives, we run into or meet someone who just stands out.

On a recent hospital stay, I met just such a person. I’m going to call him Grandpa Washington, he on the housekeeping crew, just always came breezing in with greetings such as “Good morning ladies how are you this fine day?” adding “You’re looking real chipper this morning.”

He never lost a beat, kept his rhythm, was in and out so quickly, I told him “Like a fresh morning breeze, like a breath of fresh air.”

I called him back as he was about to vanish on down the hall, one such morning with “Floyd I write a little column in our weekly paper, and I’d like to write about you, totally surprised, of course. But after a few minuets he graciously, said “well ok.”

Such a happy soul, has a light muffled whistle just almost under his breath. Reminded me of a song we use to hear “Whistle while you work.”

So proud of his little granddaughter, Kilea.

I’m sure we all know of several such people in our own lives, how about telling them how much we appreciate them.

This world is so full of so many such folks, folks that brighten our day, our lives, without their ever realizing it.

Floyd Washington is one such fellow, to whom today we say “Thank You, Sir, so happy to have met you.” Bye for now, and God Bless you all.


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