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Tonganoxie man wins $10,000 on Powerball ticket

June 8, 2010

A Tonganoxie man was blessed with a triple dose of good luck this past week.

Franklin Bretthauer purchased three Powerball lottery tickets Wednesday, June 2 at Casey’s General Store in Tonganoxie. The first ticket was a $4 winner, the second a $7 winner and the third the biggest winner of all — $10,000.

Bretthauer stopped at Casey’s to purchase tickets for that night’s Powerball drawing. As he opened his car door, four tickets he had sitting on the dash from the previous Saturday night’s drawing, flew out onto the pavement. The Tonganoxie resident, who is having back problems, debated on whether he should pick them up.

“It’s a real effort to bend over since I’m having back problems,” explained Bretthauer. “I didn’t think I would have any winners anyway, but I didn’t want to litter so I picked them up and went into the store to check them.”

Despite the pain, Bretthauer was glad he picked them up. After checking his tickets, he discovered he had won $4, $7 and $10,000 respectively.

“I was very surprised,” said Bretthauer. “When the gal behind the counter ran my $10,000 ticket through the lottery machine, she starting jumping up and down. She couldn’t believe how calm I was.”

Bretthauer won his $10,000 cash prize by matching four numbers, plus the Powerball in the May 29 drawing. He purchased a $3 ticket and chose his own numbers.

“I randomly select my own numbers, but I buy Quick Pick tickets, too,” said Bretthauer. “I usually buy Quick Pick tickets when the jackpot gets over $50 million. I’m surprised that I won using my own numbers.”

Bretthauer, who has three daughters and two grandchildren, was undecided how he would spend his winnings.

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