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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

June 15, 2010

When I was a child and for years after, girls had to wear dresses. It would have been so much easier and really very sensible if we then, with our ancient methods of laundry, could have worn pants as now.

Lois the other day said, “Mom, why not share that little trick, put that in your column.”

She was talking about a lining trick for cool summer dresses and sun wear. You see, dresses always meant slips, too. Full slips or half slips are still needed, of course.

I learned and have done for many years a shortcut, for cooler wear under those dresses. A busy pattern worn these days is a good example. That sleeveless, tunic length dress with a gathered tier around the bottom.

Just line that bottom tier, many times just across the back. No slip needed.

Or many times one can line just the back panel, or just the back of the skirt section of so many patterns.

Or line the front of the skirt, whatever, wherever it suits you and the pattern.

There are a lot of sewing machines humming away these days. Sure saves a lot on the clothing budget.

Pass on a smile, or a kind word of encouragement to a stranger, a neighbor, or just call an old friend. See you all next week. Bye for now, and God bless you and yours.

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