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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

June 22, 2010

“I don’t even have time for my kids, my family anymore,” I overheard someone say while I was standing in the checkout line recently.

A remark like that and I’m ready to yell out, “Stop right now, (mom or dad) in your very tracks, right where you are. If your tire goes flat, your engine quits,” — add now: when the computer quits.

But isn’t that the very shape the world seems to be coming to? Families being the very cornerstone, so to speak, of this great nation.

We need to take action, starting right at home base. (Or am I nuts?)

New rules: No TV nights, to church on Sundays, together as a unit. Family meals at the table.

To me, an awful lot is at stake here. The faster we go, the worse it gets. So very few years back it was weekends off, for all of us, for shop owners even, nothing open on Sundays, maybe a gas station here and there, but don’t count on it.

Oh, I know, “dream on granny,” but it’s sad really.

Soap help: A new hint I tried and it works, saves a lot of that liquid soap, etc., in all of those pump bottles. I cut off a portion of the flexible drinking straw, (the bending end), slip it up over or into the pump tube, the flex end pointing down into the very bottom side of the bottle. Pumps it all out to the very bottom, sure worth the time it took.

Bye for now, God bless you and your


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