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States new sales tax takes effect Friday in Tonganoxie and Kansas

June 29, 2010

It will cost more to shop in Kansas starting Friday when stores begin collecting the state's new 1 cent sales tax.

The sales tax is just one of the new laws passed in the past legislative session that becomes effective July 1. Among other laws of note is a new seat belt measure, smoking ban and a ban on cell phone texting while driving.

The sales tax measure, which will raise the state sales tax rate 1 cent its first year before dropping to an .4 cents increase after July 1, 2013, narrowly won approval late in the session when the Legislature returned to Topeka for its wrap-up session.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Michelle Gardener of Tonganoxie on Monday in the B&J Country Mart parking lot. “We're probably going to feel it because we have three boys and they eat a lot.”

Education advocates pushed for the tax to help fund education. Despite having three school-age boys, she still opposed the added tax because her family paid numerous school fees during the year, Gardener.

Seventeen-year-old Tyler Gonser took a different view. The junior-to-be at Tonganoxie High School said the district was facing the loss of teachers and programs had extra money not been found.

“I think it’s a good thing,” he said.

The state seat belt law allows law enforcement officers to stop vehicles when drivers or a front seat passengers are observed not wearing seat belts. The fine in the law's first year is $5.

Tonganoxie Police Lt. Bill Adcox and Leavenworth County Undersheriff Ron Croner said their departments would not take any extra steps to enforce the law, but both said drivers ought to be aware they could now be fined if they drove without a seat belt.


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