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Letter: Smoking ban not right

March 3, 2010

To the editor:

The statewide ban on smoking in public places makes me very angry because it’s my health, not anyone else’s. I am a courtesy smoker and I abide by the laws. However, I’m fed up with everyone blaming health problems on smoking. Guess what? We are all going to die someday from something.

I enjoy smoking. People say, “Think of the money you would save.” I wouldn’t save a dime because I would buy more food, get fatter and then have health issues because of being overweight. People say, “You’d feel better.” I don’t feel bad now.

Taxes are out of hand due to the government. The government had to find something else to tax because of all the smoking bans so many people have quit smoking. The government has made a lot of money on cigarette taxes.

When I go to non-smoking establishments, I don’t stay there very long, as I usually eat, leave and go somewhere else where I can sit, smoke, drink and have conversation. So, why do you have to go where you know there is smoking? What happened to the non-smoking sections?

At least my cigarette was made in America. I guess if they were made in a foreign country and shipped here they’d be legal and someone would be getting rich off of us like everything else.

I may die of lung cancer, but that is my choice to make, not yours to make for me. All government buildings have non-smoking areas, which is fine, but I wonder where the president smokes?

Dorothy Lean,



vertigo 9 years, 10 months ago

Thanks Dorothy... I appreciate you giving me lung cancer as well. Seeing as how I'm a non-smoker but have to inhale the toxic fumes from YOUR nasty habit because you don't want to take it outside.

What about the employees in the restaurants, bars, "Places you go to sit" that are non-smokers? Should they also be subject to your nasty habit? Should it be ok for you to risk harming their health because it's inconvenient for you to walk outside?

Sounds pretty selfish if you ask me. You're willing to risk non-smoker's health because you do want to walk outside.


lauramukerji 8 years, 11 months ago

Second hand smoke is the most dangerous kind of smoke. I'm pregnant and am not willing to risk my health or possible birth defects to my child because you only care about yourself.

Realize that your actions have consequences for not only yourself, but those around you.

Also, it would probably be helpful if you reviewed basic grammar. It seems those skills are about as low at your concern for others.


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