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Poet’s Corner

March 3, 2010

This week’s poet is Laurence M. Hill.

Secret Snow Shoveling Santa

The Tonganoxie, Kansas, snow was piled high

From Christmas Eve’s wild storm.

The ice was mighty hard.

And though the middle of our drive stood partly clear

The gutter and the corners by the street were barred

By ice and towers of snow.

In afternoon a figure came complete with shovel

And Buick sleigh drawn by unseen horses.

He spoke not a word but turned straight to his work.

He chopped all the ice and threw all the snow.

He smiled a pleased smile; it was time to go.

It was then that I saw that I had to add to

My gathering of Santas some red and some blue

A secret snow-shoveling Santa, and he was you!

(The Santa was my friend my heart always knew.)


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