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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

March 10, 2010

More about last week’s column.

We had the pins holding the clothes on the line. We didn’t, however, get the doll made or dressed.

By the way, those clothespins can still be found at craft shops, and dolls are still being made of them. Making cute little dolls, all the clothespins lacked were the arms, so pipe cleaners were wrapped around their necks to form arms.

And they were bringing boxes too, remember. It would have been a school program with a box-supper. All of the women and young ladies would decorate a box, maybe a shoebox with a lid, filled with a delicious meal. The boxes were unmarked, no names. These were auctioned off, the maker of each to eat her lunch with whomever purchased the box. Oh all of the young lads would do everything they could to find out what her creation looked like. They would bribe little brothers and such.

God Bless you all. Keep our troops in your prayers.

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