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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

March 17, 2010

This from Mary Patty (my sis), the poet. You’ve seen her work in the poetry corner. She can spin one off so easy. I’d like to share one of her nonsensical ones with you. So for a chuckle …

Well my sister is back into her usual biz — Writing columns (she can sew), all of hat I guess you know.

Notice this, and listen please, sewing isn’t such a breeze!

I have tried that sewing bit, and can’t make an apron fit!

She told me what to do. With my thread and fabric, too.

She didn’t say I needed carpet tacks, or that the fabric slips. Or that I needed paper clips.

I did exactly what she said, with the needle and the thread.

I used her oil and sure enough, it dripped onto my sewing stuff. And there’s more.

But I must confess, I shall not now review the mess. The project ended, one might say, when the trash went out that day.

It just might be those sewing tricks. Fail somehow — out here in the sticks, but beware you kindly folks of Aunt Norie and her jokes.

We have so much to be grateful for these days, so before you complain, think would I walk even a mile in his or her shoes.

Don’t forget those precious hugs — we all need them.

Love and God Bless.


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