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Five Questions: Rough roads

March 17, 2010

Butch Rodgers, Tonganoxie city superintendent, fields questions about how winter weather has affected Tonganoxie city streets.

Q: How has the winter weather affected road conditions within the city?

A: Battered and crumbling, our roads have been through a rough winter. The snow, ice, freeze and thaw have provided a nice lesson on how erosion works. This will be a big and expensive repair job trying to get all the roads back into decent condition.

Q: How would you rate street conditions following this winter compared to others?

A: The amount of potholes that have reared their ugly heads is more than double of what we would expect to see in any given year.

Q: What roads were affected most by the winter weather?

A: Pleasant Drive, Delaware Drive and Ridge seem to have taken the hardest hit. They have major and expensive repairs needed, more than just filling a pothole. These street re-builds were not budgeted, so the council has some tough decisions to make in order for the funds to be available for the repairs to happen.

Q: When will repairs begin on these roads hit hardest by the winter weather?

A: Public Works has been patching ever since it quit snowing, unfortunately the cold mix that they use this time of the year just pops back out of the roadway when it gets wet. Once the weather is hot enough for true asphalting, the permanent repairs will begin — that is usually early summer.

Q: Do you find that specific roads require repair in the same locations year after year?

A: Not particularly. It depends on the age of the road, whether it was built to city standards, the amount of traffic. That depends on the roadway and many other variables.


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