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March 17, 2010

Have you ever had an “Awe” moment?

I was outside a couple of weekends ago, enjoying the warmer weather. I was in the back yard working on the deck. My little girl was playing on the swing set and blowing bubbles. The dog was laying on the glider soaking up the sun. Families were riding their bikes, and neighbors were out in their yards.

That is when it hit me, the “Awe” moment, the time when you stop and think about everything going around you. When you think about everything God created, all you can do is stand in awe.

I want you to stop for a minute and look around you, take everything in, and think about how big our God truly is. He created the heavens and the earth, light and darkness, water and ground, sun, stars, moon and all the creatures on the earth. He created man in his own image. Think about that. He knows every hair on our head or lack of hair for some of us. He made humans to breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide; and plants that take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. You tell me that happened by chance or a big bang.

I know life gets crazy. We have family, a job and other activities that we deal with on a daily basis, but stop a minute and thank. No, that isn’t a typo, I said thank. We need to take time to stop, stand in awe of all God’s wonder, and say thank you. Next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed, maybe you need to stop, look around in awe, and thank God. We need to make sure we are never too busy to say thank you.

— Ryan Keltner is assistant pastor at Cornerstone Family Worship.


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