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Tonganoxie City Council agenda, March 22, 2010

March 19, 2010

Tonganoxie City Council regular meeting, March 22, 2010

I. Open Meeting – 7 p.m.

II. Consent Agenda

a) Approval of Minutes –

  1. Regular meeting dated March 8, 2010

b) Consider Approval of Bills - Approve Pay Ordinance A-1629

III. Open Agenda

“Members of the public are welcome to use this time to comment about any matter relating to City business. The comments that are discussed under Open Agenda may or may not be acted upon by the Council during this meeting. Please wait to be recognized by the Mayor, then state your name and address and all comments are to be directed to the chair.”

IV. Old Business

a) 4th Street Pedestrian Crosswalk repairs – update

V. New Business

a) Emergency Street Repairs – Financial Update

b) Tom Kaleko, Financial Advisor with Springsted Incorporated

1) Recommendations for issuance of $1,240,000

2) Consider Resolution 03-10-01 authorizing the improvement or reimprovement of certain main trafficways within the City of Tonganoxie, Kansas and providing for payment of the costs thereof.

3) Consider Resolution 03-10-02 authorizing and providing for the construction improvements to an existing public building in the City of Tonganoxie, Kansas and providing for the payment of the costs thereof

4) Consider Resolution 03-10-03 authorizing the offering for sale of general obligation bonds, series 2010A, of the City of Tonganoxie Kansas

c) Bob Topping – Kansas Sampler Festival Update

d) Consider approval of 2010 LCDC Funding

e) Consider approval of purchase of 6 Bleachers from Fry & Associates for a total of $6,450.00 to be paid from the Recreation Commission Certificate of Participation

f) Consider approval of an additional $253.00 to GeoSource to pay for additional footage that was not anticipated with the two hole bore on Pleasant Street Bridge

g) Consider recommendation to hire full time Meter Reader and Water Distribution operator.

h) Consider recommendation to hire two full time Fire Fighters.

i) Consider accepting Planning Commission recommendation to approve adding Section 15-5 “BP” – Business Park District and revising Appendix A.

1) Consider adopting Ordinance 1297 amending the same.

j) City Administrator Agenda

1) Consider agreement with the Leavenworth County Port Authority to Share Costs for an Engineering Study for Phasing of the Tonganoxie Business Park

2) Consider agreement with Leavenworth County Port Authority to provide cost sharing of professional services with Springsted, Inc to seek private sector interest in the development of the Tonganoxie Business Park.

3) Consider scheduling a special meeting on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 6:00 pm at the County Commission Chambers in Leavenworth, to meet jointly with the County Commissioners to discuss interlocal agreements associated with development of County Road #1 corridor.

k) City Attorney Agenda

1) Executive Session – Attorney Client Privilege – 10 minutes

l) Mayor’s Agenda

1) Appointment of Rick Pruden to the Planning Commission to fill the unexpired term of Steve Clark.

m) Council President Agenda

n) City Council Agenda

o) City Council Agenda

VI. Adjourn

VII. Information & Communications (No Action Required)

a) MLA Civility and Public Service course

b) Fearless Fundraising Main Street Program Training

c) March 2010 Billing Summary for B. G. Consultants

d) February 2010 Building Permit Statistics

e) 2010 Water Purchased and Sold

f) Tonganoxie Public Library 2009 Annual Report


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