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May 4, 2010

Three members of the Jaunty Jarbalonians red hat group went to the Kansas Sampler Festival in Leavenworth Saturday. They were Betty Clark, Linda Barry and Thamar Barnett. It was a wonderful experience getting to see people from all over the state and collecting pamphlets from cities and counties. This event was quite an undertaking and we want to congratulate our local resident, Keyta Kelly, for a job well done. She had a lot of help but she headed up the undertaking of it. If you did not get to attend this year, put it on your calendar for next year.

Tim and Kelly Kouns were dinner guests of David and Jane Turner Saturday evening.

David and Jane Turner and Thamar Barnett attended a party celebrating the seventh birthday of Sydney Turner at the home of her parents, David Jr. and Tracey Turner, and brother, Sheldon Mills, at their home in Lake Dabinawa Sunday afternoon.

One day last week I went to visit Jennie Coffin. I had heard that the old house had been taken down and I went to see for myself. I grew up in that house. It belonged to the Rose family for 73 years. Ernest and Amelia Rose and their family moved into the new house in 1890 after it was built by their son, John. Ernest and Ruth Rose lived there until 1963. They had sold the place to Lyle and Jennie Coffin, who moved there in 1964, so it has been the Coffin place for nearly 50 years. Lyle was a cousin of mine, so I still feel connected to the place.

The Reverend Larry and Mary Lou Grove of Jarbalo United Methodist Church went on a trip to Savannah, Ga., recently. Jennie Coffin also went on the trip.


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