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Remember when

May 18, 2010

By Billie Aye

10 years ago: May 3, 2000

Next week, a cornerstone of the Tonganoxie businesses will be honored for a century of work. Calvin Quisenberry, owner of Quisenberry Funeral Home, will accept the award given by the Kansas Funeral Directors Association in Wichita. The Tonganoxie funeral home has been in business for at least 100 years, Quisenberry said.

Deaths: Mary Kathryn Theroff, 96, Basehor, died April 28, 2000 at her home; John Floyd Morgan, 94, Kansas City, Kan., died May 1, 2000.

Corn growers, Jimmy and Edna Elder, Linwood, were recognized recently as a state winner in the 1999 National Corn Yield Contest, sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. (Mr. and Mrs. Elder were shown with NCGA chairman Roger Pine of Lawrence.)

Fitness center pushes toward opening: Couch potatoes begone — there’s a new fitness center in town. Jeremy Robbins, 26, a registered athletic trainer, watched last week as truckers unloaded a gymnasium full of exercise equipment at Tonganoxie’s soon-to-open Midwest Athletic Club.

Math Winners — These five children were among the winners at a recent Tonganoxie Elementary School Family Math Night. (Business had donated prizes to be given away.) Shown were students Geoff Boyer, Jordan Schiltz, Wesley Armstrong, Danielle Willburn and Tyler McCutchen.

25 years ago: May 1, 1985

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Orval C. Smith would like to announce the celebration of their Golden Anniversary on May 7, 1985. An open house will be held in their honor Sunday, July 7, when all family members can be present.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dally, a daughter, Samantha Erin, April 25, 1985; Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Smith, Leavenworth, a daughter, Megan Ruth; Jean and John Cass Lenahan, a grandson, Joseph Borella, Jr., on April 15 in Peabody, Mass.; Gary and Marcia Zimmerman, Holton, announce the birth of a son, Brad Lincoln, on April 9, 1985.

Deaths: Mrs. Nellie Mable Winkleman, 94, died April 26, 1985; Mrs. Elda N. Dvorsak, 70, Linwood, died April 28, 1985; Mrs. Mary Magdalene Hummelgaard, 80, Tonganoxie, died April 23, 1985; Irene M. Haigwood, 86, Tonganoxie, died Sunday in a nursing home in Bonner Springs; Estelle Sechrest Byers died in Canaga Park, Calif., on April 5, 1985. She was born in Tonganoxie on May 2, 1897, and was a cousin to L.C. (Hap) Evans of Tonganoxie.

Springdale News: Billy Schwinn had the misfortune to dislocate his kneecap while loading cattle and had to make a trip to Winchester Hospital to get it put back in place.

50 years ago: May 19, 1960

A group of relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson on Sunday to help them celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

James V. Morey, PH (A) 3, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Morey of Tonganoxie, served as one of the 3,000 goodwill ambassadors-in-uniform during a five-day visit in Bombay, India, aboard the USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31). During the five day-visit, the ship was visited by several thousand military and civilian citizens of India. During this period, Morey followed through with his part of the program by giving full press coverage to the Navy and local news media by taking hundreds of photographs. (Many appeared in local newspapers and statewide papers.)

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Doyle VanDyke, a daughter, Beverly Jo, May 11, 1960; First Lieutenant and Mrs. John Richard McKone, a son, John Richard, Jr., May 16, 1960; Lt. and Mrs. Dennis L. Goudy, Ft. Meade, Maryland, a son, David Allen, May 8, 1960.

75 years ago: April 25, 1935

Mrs. J.B. Vollintine has been awarded a certificate of a recipe endorsement by Better Homes and Gardens for her recipe, Nut Bread.

Easton: Joseph Abel, Sr., 72, a well-known Leavenworth County farmer, died Sunday night at his home near Easton.

As Others See It — Pleasant Hill, Mo., April 21. To the Mirror: And now the Republicans have found the original Democrat — Christopher Columbus. On his trip in 1492, he did not know where he was going, he did not know after he arrived where he was, and after he returned he did not know where he had been. The entire trip was made on borrowed money. — Herbert Stone.

This week The Mirror completes 53 years of continuous publication. Along with its modern machines, it has some reminders of former days. For instance, a Miles Nervine proof press, came from the patent medicine era, who probably traded for advertising. A rebuilt cherry office counter once blossomed forth as the elegant bar of an early day saloon. A visiting editor once told us we had the only printshop he ever saw with a fireplace in it.

100 years ago: May 5, 1910

Twin boys came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sechrest Sunday morning.

The measles proved serious for Miss Ida Loyd and she was dangerously ill several days.

An Atchison County man was arraigned in Leavenworth last week for chasing the census enumerator off his farm. Robert Robertson says he has had no trouble with the enumeration in Tonganoxie. He has been treated courteously by everybody.

A distinguished doctor of Washington contends that mice spread the measles. Tonganoxie must be having a plague of mice then.

Otto Freienmuth took five wolf scalps to Leavenworth Tuesday, but as the county is short of ready cash, he had to take a promise to pay.

C.B. McClellan is one of the very few residents of Oskaloosa who witnessed the appearance of Halley’s Comet in 1835. He was about 12 years of age at the time. Mr. McClellan says that a far greater spectacle was the falling stars, which occurred two years earlier. The “fall” occurred in October and Mr. McClellan’s most vivid recollection of the event was the falling of “stars” through the bare limbs of a cherry tree as seen from his bedroom window. The “stars” were as thick as hail and fell all night long. They were very brilliant until they were within 18 inches of the ground when they suddenly faded completely out. An examination in the morning disclosed no trace of them on the ground — Oskaloosa Independent.


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