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Remember When: A community review

November 17, 2010

10 years ago: Nov. 1, 2000

Ashley Kraus, daughter of Lee and Rita Kraus, Eudora, was crowned Eudora High School homecoming queen on Oct. 6. Both of her parents graduated from Tonganoxie High School.

Tim and Pam Volk dote on Mathias, a 5-foot-tall, 40-pound visitor who’s staying at their house. This Santa is unique not only in its larger size, but also because this is the first Santa for which Pam Volk has sculpted hands. The Volks sell their “Santiersmen” about as fast as they make them, and they are especially hot items this time of year. Most of the Santas, including this one, are given Biblical names. (Mrs. Volk starts her Santas by smoothing polymer clay over an aluminum foil base. Tim Volk, a woodcarver, carves something for each Santa. On Mathias, it’s a small bird on the tip of a walking stick.)

Deaths: Mrs. Willford M. Wright Feighner, 87, of Tonganoxie, died Oct. 28, 2000; Margaret V. John, Prairie Village, died Oct. 24, 2000; Gorden D. Melton, 65, Leavenworth, died Oct. 28, 2000; Robin Christine Overbaugh, 41, Tonganoxie, died Oct. 25, 2000; memorial services for Wanda Joy Putthoff, 67, Bartlesville, Okla., were Oct. 28, 2000; Jennie Kalb Thompson, 98, Lawrence, died Oct. 24, 2000.

25 years ago: Oct. 30, 1985

A 90th birthday celebration for Lillian Buehner will be Sunday, Nov. 10, 1985, at the Senior Citizen Center. (A covered dish dinner was to take place at 1 p.m.)

Mr. and Mrs. George O’Brien Sr., Lawrence, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a reception from 2-4 p.m. Nov. 3 at the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Lawrence.

Jarbalo Jottings: Word was received here Sunday, October 27th of the death of Jim Melzark of Washington state. He was struck by a car. The Melzarks lived in Wiley’s house for about a year and left this area about a year ago.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gallagher Jr. announce the birth of a son, Tyler James, Oct. 26, 1985; Gary and Joy Starcher are proud to announce the birth of their son, Travis Crain Starcher, Oct. 15, 1985; Tom and Andrea Putthoff wish to announce the birth of their daughter, Lindsey Faye, Oct. 25, 1985.

Deaths: Miss Jacqueline A. Jones, 55, Linwood, was killed early Thursday morning, Oct. 24, 1985, when her car was struck by a train near Linwood; Marcus E. Harman, 66, Linwood, died Oct. 26, 1985; Brian E. Lucas, 19, Lawrence, was killed Sunday when he was struck by a moving Union Pacific railroad train in Leavenworth County.

50 years ago: Nov. 17, 1960

Rumors in diplomatic circles say the Soviet Union may soon release two imprisoned U.S. Air Force fliers, Captain John McKone of Tonganoxie and Captain Freeman Olmstead of New York. The two were on a RB-47 shot down last spring while on a mapping flight near the Soviet Union. (Mrs. John McKone called the Pentagon and they would not confirm the rumor.)

Deaths: Mrs. W.S. (Margaret) Peck, Arkansas City, age 85, died Nov. 14, 1960; Mr. Harry Tanquary, Kansas City, Mo., died Nov. 3, 1960; Walter Greenwell, Linwood, died Nov. 11, 1960, at the age of 68 years.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Loren Ford announce the birth of their son, Leonard Todd, Nov. 7, 1960.

Linwood News: Birth, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Holmes, a son, born Nov. 11, 1960.

Up Fairmount Way: Mr. and Mrs. Derald Pouppirt, Basehor, a son, John Leselie, born Nov. 10, 1960.

75 years ago: Oct. 24, 1935

Mrs. Willis Woods, a resident of Tonganoxie and vicinity for the past 32 years, passed away last Wednesday at her home, age 84 years, 9 months and 4 days.

Word was received here last week of the death of Thomas Henderson, at his home in Kansas City last Tuesday. He was 82 years of age.

Friendship Valley: Those who received 100 in spelling last week were Ellen Shoemaker, Ellen Mills, Geraldine Ohler, Shirley Ann Freienmuth, Hugh Ohler and Louis Mills.

Henry Ford’s latest offspring arrived in Tonganoxie Saturday. The venerable J.C. is therefore proud and happy once more. It takes an automobile agency to produce a new one every year.

The editor (Walt Neibarger) suffered quite a shock Friday. L.N. Flint asked us to talk to some journalism classes at the university, which we did. We have made quite a few talks and speeches in our time. But Friday was the first time anybody ever offered to pay us for it.

As Others See It: The same Congress that gave Secretary Wallace instructions to raise prices has appropriated $150,000 for inquiry into why prices are high. — Deep River (Iowa) Record.

100 years ago: Nov. 3, 1910

Those feminine hats that look like milk pails are appropriate for Tonganoxie.

A third son arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fount Smith, Jr., northeast of town, Monday morning.

One day last week Frank Zoellner drove his auto from 12th and Main, Kansas City, to Tonganoxie in one hour and forty minutes. He left the city after the train left and beat the train in.

It was Clarence J. Davis who got first and second prize on suckling mules at the Farmers Institute week before last, not Theo. C. Davis, Jr. as the Mirror had it last week.

Carl Walker, seven years old, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walker, living in Leavenworth, was bitten by a supposedly rabid cat. The cat was a stray that came into the neighborhood recently, and was supposed to be one that was carried or chased off the Fort Leavenworth reservation after Gen. Funston issued his anti-cat order.

The annual tax statements arrived this week. Did you say ouch?

These are fine days to find mushrooms. If you feel ill the next day, you’ll know you didn’t.

Why should there be so much excitement when an aviator breaks the record for attaining the greatest height? The thing to become enthusiastic over, it seems to us, is in getting safely down from the greatest height.


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