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November 24, 2010

The Springdale community wants to extend its sympathy to the passing of Barbara Lawrence, who was a former resident of Springdale. She passed away Nov. 14 in Indianapolis. She will be buried at McLouth Cemetery.

Richard and Wanda Parker and other family members traveled to El Dorado to attend a bridal shower for their granddaughter, Erin Dragoo, as well as a surprise 25th anniversary for Mike and Cheryl Dragoo. They also enjoyed Thanksgiving with family while there.

Danny and Linda Schwinn, Jeanette Cole and Emily and Evelyn Schwinn went to the Methodist Church in McLouth Nov. 14 to a 90th birthday celebration for Francis Schwinn. Also there from the Schwinn branch were Herbert and Genevieve Schwinn, Mary Barbara Allen, Mary and Keith Davidson and Myron and Jody Schwinn.

Visiting Evelyn Schwinn on Nov. 15 were Florence Haling and Peggy Gillaspie.

Orie Nelson attended the Veterans Parade and had the honor of driving the Veterans II in the parade.

Wayne and Anabel Knapp and others from the United Methodist Church attended the Nov. 13 wedding for Anna Marie Hollingsworth and Palmer Harnden at the Holiday Dome at Lawrence. Pastor Morgan of United Methodist Church performed the ceremony in the chapel. There was a lovely dinner reception.

Cara Kruid and children visited Anabel Knapp on Nov. 12.


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