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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

September 7, 2010

One busy mother to her family, “Now, I mean every word of this. If you don’t believe me, just try me. That goes for you, you and you.” She added, “I’m doing a lot of unnecessary laundry, costing much on the light and water bill to say nothing of the time it takes me. Tune me in. If you’ve only had a garment on for two hours or so, it goes back on the hanger, not on the floor. Nothing goes on the floor. Put it on a hanger or in the hamper. Or my fine fellas and gals, you are on your own. Got it?”

Just one month later, after each one had had to do their own laundry several times with some do-overs along the way, the mom called a meeting. “Do you all have the idea? Do you get what I mean? Do you see why I revolted?”

You wouldn’t’ believe how grown-up we became. Yep, mom’s back on duty, but the children all take very good care of their clothes.

I have a great-niece Lisa who is a county health nurse in the Alaskan far north. A helicopter takes her from tiny village to tiny village. We all read her blog on the Internet with its outstanding pictures of Alaska, including a recent one of a foggy ocean with huge waves crashing onto shore. She captioned it, “God is so big, and we are so small.”

Great work, Lisa. God bless you and all you touch. Say a prayer for those who have so little.

Cut your thread on a slant now.

Bye for now and God bless.


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