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To the editor: City officials’ computer audit should be conducted

September 8, 2010

To the editor:

After being to a few city council meetings, listening, as well and reading in the local paper about our possible misuse of city computers, I think I have an easy solution to the problem.

One issue is how loosely the passwords have been passed around with no security or check system. This sounds like Lew Perkins (Kansas University athletics director) disease — nobody watching the fox in the hen house. Lew will be without a job before his announced resignation date comes around (Editor’s note: Perkins officially retired Tuesday).

Now here’s my solution with the ex-mayor showing the proper way to resolve the issue with his resignation and not ratting anyone else out. That shows me an individual with character and a person I call a friend. If anyone else may have used the city computer in an inappropriate way they should step forward and resign showing that the city comes first, starting with department heads demonstrating their leadership, like what our city administrator demonstrates. I am sure he would not have done or allowed anyone to use his loose password for such a thing. If no one steps forward because of no wrong doings, then a complete audit of the computer should not be an issue. Then, if an audit is done and anyone is found lying about the misuse of their computer with explanation they should be fired with just cause.

If an audit isn’t done, it just demonstrates to me that maybe a council member has something to hide.

Thank you Tom Putthoff for putting forth your effort and time with consistent voting toward issues. You will be missed.

Charles Conrad,



tonganoxie 9 years, 3 months ago

Sounds like a good idea. What do we not pay for out of the City's Budget to get this done? Without the policy in place first, people being let go because of actions prior to that policy being set opens up a whole other can of worms.

Does beg the question: Why wasn't there a Computer Policy in place? Computers have only been around about 30 years.


Old_Vet 9 years, 3 months ago

Heard today that Burdel Welsh resigned from the City Council to take a job in Colorado?

The mayor, Tom and Burdel, that is a lot of turn over.


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