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Linenberger: New competition brewing between tortoise and hare

September 14, 2010

Tonganoxie gained some attention in August when a 25-year-old tortoise named Arzula was reunited with his owner, Emily Stoker, 10 days after she posted notifications throughout town and on the Internet about him being lost.

Now, it appears that the tortoise once again has some competition from a hare.

Monday, Tonganoxie resident Charleen Koschke stopped by The Mirror office wanting to place a classified for a found animal near Second and Green streets — which happens to be a few blocks away from where Arzula was found. It was a rabbit and she said she thought it surely was someone’s pet, as it was very tame.

Koschke has a dog, so it was difficult for her to leave the rabbit in the house. I decided I might be able to help, as I have a cat carrier. I headed home to pick up the carrier and delivered it to Koschke’s house.

Keeping the rabbit contained didn’t seem to be much of a concern. The rabbit liked its new digs, choosing to lounge underneath a tree Monday on Koschke’s property. We put the rabbit in the carrier to ensure that our furry friend didn’t suddenly get the notion to hop away.

Anyone who has lost a rabbit can call Koschke at (913) 683-1667 or me at (913) 845-2222 for more details.

I hope the owner can be reunited with this cute and cuddly rabbit and we can determine which can be found faster — the tortoise or the hare.


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