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Kobach: Voter information

April 12, 2011

Recently there has been a growing demand by the public for the ability to conduct business with the government online. ELVIS (our Election Voter Information System) made Kansas one of the first few states to implement an online voter registration program in July 2009.

The online voter registration system is available only to persons with current and valid Kansas driver's licenses or non-driver's identification cards because of the necessity of capturing a signature. This allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to attach the digitized signature to the voter registration record the same way it is done in a driver's license examination office. 

To register to vote online, go to and click the word "online" in the first paragraph. Here are the steps to getting registered.

First, verify your voting eligibility. This includes entering your name and driver's license number and answering four voter registration questions:  (a) Are you a citizen of the United States of America?  (b) Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?  (c) Are you a resident of Kansas?  (d) Have you ever been convicted of a felony, and if so, have your rights been restored? If you are eligible to vote, proceed to the next step.

Second, verify that you have a valid driver's license or non-driver's identification card. This involves entering your name, date of birth and license number, then reviewing and submitting it.

Third, verify your personal information. Enter your voting residence address, mailing address (if different), previous voting address (if applicable), gender, party affiliation and daytime phone number.

Fourth, review and submit information. If the information is correct, read the attestation indicating that you meet the qualifications to register to vote. Check a box indicating agreement and type your name in the space provided. You have completed the process.

Re-registration is required each time you change your name, address, or party affiliation for voting. It is easy and convenient for voters to register or make changes at their leisure, using a computer instead of going in person to a registration site during business hours.

— Kobach is Kansas Secretary of State.


mymonkey 7 years ago

What a showboat! A noinissue with his voter id! And now we are to present proof of citizenship? Nothing like inciting the publc over a issue that was not there. But hey, one IS born every minute. The media should shine light of questioning at this man instead of making him "hero". Very sad..............


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