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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

April 26, 2011

Yes indeed-y. And how so many of us can relate to the following. I found this in this busy little magazine “The Missouri Chigger” at P.O. Box 326, Lowry City, Mo. 64763, (417) 644-2332 ( The magazine pictures a little red chigger on the cover, with the byline “It’s small, persistent, kind of gets under your skin and always attracts your attention!” It’s free for the pick-up while in the area (Lowry City – near the Osceola Cheese Factory) and they also have subscriptions for out of the area. Even a soldier in Afghanistan commented on something in it. It’s full of witty, humorous, light-hearted entertaining stuff, stories, recipes, and who knows what.

So here is what caught my attention, from “Bob’s Corner.”

“A Senior Citizen’s Lament”

Thought I’d let my doctor check me ‘cause I didn’t feel quite right.

All those aches and pains annoyed me and I couldn’t sleep at night.

He could find no real disorder, but he wouldn’t let it rest.

What with Blue Cross and Medicare, it wouldn’t hurt to do some tests.

To the hospital he sent me, though I didn’t feel that bad.

He arranged for them to give me every test that could be had.

I was stethoscoped and endoscoped, my aging frame displayed,

Stripped upon an ice-cold table while my gizzards were x-rayed.

I was checked for worms and parasites, for fungus and the crud,

While they pierced me with long needles taking samples of my blood.

Doctors came and checked me over, probed and pushed and poked around.

So to make sure I was living, they wired me for sound.

They have finally concluded – their results have filled a page —

What I have will one day kill me. My affliction is old age.

Haven’t all we old-timers rounded that corner more than once? Thanks Bob and the “Chigger” staff for a great little magazine. Hugs now!

— Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;


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