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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

August 9, 2011

All of this hot hot weather and still growing vigorously is all of that grass in the sidewalk cracks. I have to tell you what will stop it, I haven’t lately but I always used to pour white vinegar into a plastic plant watering can with its long spout, then just go down that sidewalk and pour it gently into that crack, the grass, gone in a flash. Just be careful. Don’t let it get on or run into anything you don’t want to kill.

Now back to today’s topic. Ha ha.

In time past every girl learned to sew. They had to. No department stores; to buy clothing, it meant for us in the old Model T Ford an all-day trip to Topeka, to buy shoes and any clothing.

Of course, we had Sears and Wards catalogs to order everything from, so I’ve always been interested in today’s world how and why did you learn to sew.

Nina told me how in recent years her grandmother has always made such beautiful quilts. “We all love to get one of her beautiful creations. Now instead of spending so very much on that new ‘off the bolt’ and the high prices of that yardage, Granny just goes to garage sales and buys dresses for the material in those big skirts, etc.” Granny’s thoughts: “No one wears a dress long enough to wear out or weaken that fabric.”

I guess, Nina said. “I learned to sew, or got the yen to, by ripping out those seams, zippers and such, as a small child, in helping Granny.”

“Oh, her quilt’s a real work of art. She makes coverlets, with ruffles and pillow shams to match, even curtains, and buys very little brand new fabric.”

Thanks for sharing, Nina. A very great idea.

God Bless you all now.

— Aunt Norie; P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, KS 66086;


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