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Ag Olympics draws fair to close for many county 4-H’ers

August 16, 2011

A four-leaf clover can be a tough find at a scavenger hunt.

That is, unless you’re among 4-H members at the Leavenworth County Fair.

The “four-leaf clover” was one of a handful of items requested in a scavenger hunt as part of the Ag Olympics, which took place Saturday in the Big Top Tent.

Other items participants were tasked with finding: a shovel, fair catalog, carnival ticket, hose and rope.

It was the final event of the Ag Olympics, which hadn’t been part of the fair lineup in recent years.

The Bell 4-H Club organized the event, which attracted eight teams. Other games were a tug of war, pennies in a straw pile, a water course in which participants had to use a plastic cup with a hole in it to carry water from one bucket to another. And the final event was the scavenger hunt.

“The big kids are so good with the little kids, so it’s fun to watch, said Winda Ohlde, Winchester.

Ohlde, who is involved with the Bell 4-H, was the emcee for the event, while Jessica Highfill and Sharon Wagner, fellow adults involved with Bell 4-H, organized the event.

Highfill said she thought the group would organize the event again in 2012. She said it appeared to be quite the success.

“I think they really had a good time,” Highfill said about the youths who competed in the event.

She also said the pennies in the straw event seemed to be pretty popular.

Youths had to race toward a youth swimming pool filled with straw and try to find pennies hiding in it.

Winning the event was the Jumping Kangaroos team. The Porky Pigs placed second.


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