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TES, MMS don’t meet AYP

August 16, 2011

Though USD 464 met most annual yearly progress standards in its buildings, Tonganoxie Elementary School did not meet AYP standards in reading.

The Kansas Department of Education released information this past week of listings for districts and schools not meeting AYP.

McLouth Middle School did not meet AYP in mathematics. TES and MMS were two of 213 schools to not make AYP in the state.

The federal No Child Left Behind Act requires states to determine whether schools and districts are making adequate yearly progress to get 100 percent of students proficient in reading and math by 2014.

TES principal Tammie George said the school continued to work on improving students’ skills.

“We’re working really hard to make sure our students are well-rounded,” George said, “and doing well in all subject areas. And the assessments really have you focused on reading and math.”

She said the tests are important, but “we also feel strongly we shouldn’t just teach that test, but also the essential skills.”

George said TES started an after-school program with the 2010-11 school year that targeted students struggling in reading and math. That will continue this year.

Teachers also spent last year’s professional development in teaching reading skills and implement teaching.

“We haven’t focused as heavily on math last year and this year because we think reading is the core subject important to all other subjects,” George said. “To do math, you have to read the math problems.”

George said TES traditionally has done slightly better on math assessments than reading. The school also gives fourth grade science assessments, but those are not included in AYP at this time.

Discussing reading further, George said math is sequential and different than reading. With math, addition must be mastered before tackling subtraction and so on, she said. With reading, some students might understand prefixes but not suffixes.

“It’s not quite as exact,” George said. “It’s more individualized.”


gotongie 6 years, 10 months ago

So TES is one of the 213 schools that did not make AYP. Let's give everyone a bigger picture of how bad this really is..................84% of all schools in the state of KS met the target........1,148 other schools made the minimum standard established by the state but Tonganoxie Elementary School did not. This should be concerning to us all.

What is even more concerning is the statements from the principal, Tammie George. Mrs. George says that the tests are important, but “we also feel strongly we shouldn’t just teach that test, but also the essential skills.” It is my understanding that the state assessments measure the essential skills students are supposed to know at each grade level. If students aren't performing well then our school is failing.

I would have preferred to hear Mrs. George say something like, "This is an important measure of the success of our school and we need to do better". This is not a time for her to side-step the issue. As the leader of this school she needs to accept responsiblity for this and tell us what she is going to do to correct it.


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