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Letter: TES traffic configuration needs 2nd handicapped spot

August 30, 2011

To the editor:

As a grandmother in charge of the care of her grandchildren after school, I feel compelled to address the parking/pickup/dropoff at the elementary school. I have raised 2 children of my own, so I understand and even expected confusion and chaos the first week of school and was not disappointed.

However, the biggest shock was on the third day of picking up my grandchildren when I saw the painting over of the handicapped emblems on the ground. As a woman living with MS I depend on handicapped spaces to access buildings. According to the chief of police, this is not illegal. I call it immoral. Yes, they restored one spot, but what are they going to do the first time there is a school function? Is there only one parent, grandparent, or guardian who would want this spot? Picking up the children has gotten smoother as the week progressed, but let’s not forget that there is a whole school year ahead of us.

Let's not be so shortsighted.

Julie L. Newport,



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