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Remember When: A Community Review of Tonganoxie

December 6, 2011

10 years ago: Nov. 21, 2001

Deaths: Graveside services took place Nov. 21, 2001, for Faye Marks Thomas, age 90; Walter Lemuel Wiley, 87, died Nov. 19, 2001, in Tonganoxie.

Pilgrims and Native Americans might have celebrated their first Thanksgiving in 1621, but two McLouth students will be getting their first taste of the holiday this year. Diana Grau, Cologne, Germany, and Jana (pronounced YA-na) Gunnoltz, Berlin, Germany, are foreign exchange students at McLouth High School. Thanksgiving isn't a holiday in Germany, so Thursday will be a new experience for the two.

Springdale News: John Moses hit a deer Nov. 9 at North 141 State Ave. The accident did a lot of damage to his new pickup. He was not hurt.

Students in Kathy Riddle’s first-grade class prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday by making Pilgrim boys and girls. Then the students dictated to their teacher their recipes for pumpkin pie, some of which are listed here. Tanner Boggs: ”Take the insides of the pumpkin in the pan. Bake it for 15 minutes. Take it out and put honey on it. Put a cherry on top.” Morgan Ferguson: “Put it in the oven for probably two seconds.” Ashley Kennedy: “Put in the brown stuff that is gooey in the can. Put in some powder. Cook it in the oven for about 15 minutes.” And Wyatt Maurer: “Pick the pumpkins. Cut it. Cook it.”

25 years ago: Nov. 19, 1986

Birth: David and Kim Brice of Leavenworth, a son, John Daniel, born Nov. 7, 1986.

Deaths: Wesley H. Baker, 61, Tulsa, Okla., died Nov. 13, 1986; Katherine Bradley, 91, Rogers, Ark., formerly of Tonganoxie, died Nov. 3, 1986; Olive Marie Jackson, 67, south Kansas City, died Nov. 17, 1986.

A family dinner is being planned and a reception for family and friends for Mr. and Mrs. George T. Siddens' 50th wedding anniversary celebration between 2 and 4 p.m. Nov. 29 at the Riford House in Tonganoxie.

McLouth News: Mrs. Neta Haight, 100 years old, from Winchester, was buried in McLouth Cemetery on Sunday afternoon.

Comments By Walt Neibarger: When we look across the big front yard, neatly cut, at the new nursing home, on the east side of town on Old 40, we are reminded when the former Community Club appointed Henry Toburen to whitewash a stone “Tonganoxie” sign to remind the planes in and out of Kansas City, they were spotting Tonganoxie a short time before landing in Kansas City. The new nursing home here encountered some of the stones. Henry was always busy doing something for the town in addition to inventing a local bakery in early days.

50 years ago: Dec. 7, 1961

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Terry announce the birth of their daughter, Wendy Renee, born Nov. 29, 1961.

Deaths: Robin Kay Bingamon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bingamon, died at birth Dec. 6, 1961; Herbert L. Semon, 49, Kansas City, Kan., died Sunday at his home; Andrew O. Porter, age 70, died Dec. 1, 1961, in Leavenworth; Mrs. Francis Nadeau, 55, of North St. Paul, died Friday.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and we haven’t really seen one day of peace since. All of the kids in our schools today and most of those in college have never lived in a time when we weren’t on the verge of war. Also, it’s kind of hard for the rest of us to remember. From “Smoke Signals” by J.J.N.

Up Fairmount Way: Mr. and Mrs. Al Vicker, Kansas City, Kan., a son, Gordon Alvin, born Nov. 21, 1961.

Mrs. Ed Richards has received word of the death of her brother-in-law, Ed Koker, of Florence, Colo.

Corpus Christi, Texas: (FHTNC): Neal A. Higginbotham, aviation machinist's mate second class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira S. Higginbotham, Tonganoxie, was promoted Nov. 16, while serving with Training Squadron 28 at the Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas.

75 years ago: Nov. 12, 1936

Linwood: A reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Coleman in honor of their golden wedding anniversary. All ten of their children were present at the reception Sunday.

Hawk Hollow: The school bought art and primary equipment with their social money.

Dafer: Mary Alice Babcock is the new waitress at the Olson Inn on highway No. 40.

McLouth: Homer Gardner, aged about 50 years, died at his home Wednesday of last week.

From “It Happened in Kansas” by FA Cooper: From an old order issued at Ft. Riley — “Neither officers or enlisted men shall shoot buffalo on the parade ground except in case of necessity and then care must be taken not to fire in the direction of the colonel's quarters.” The buffalo did not face the wind or storm. He drifted with the wind in spite of his well protected front quarters and unprotected rear. Animals face away from the wind so that they see or smell any approaching enemy. What is the meaning of the buffalo rings? These rings, trampled deep into the prairie, can still be found in many places in Kansas. They varied greatly in size, some of them being 100 feet in diameter. The buffalo made them, but why? No known plainsman ever witnessed the making of the rings or offered a satisfactory explanation for them.

You can fly around the world now for about $5,000 in case you don’t know what to do with all the money you have piled up since the return of prosperity. Linn-Palmer Record.

100 years ago: Nov. 23, 1911

A social will be given at the Honey Valley School Thanksgiving.

Caesar Langford will move to Wichita, and expects to go into the quilting business.

Miss Minnie Lee, several weeks ago, secured a situation as clerk in the store of FW Goldman at Oskaloosa.

Herman Jahn, brother of Mrs. Fred Papenhausen and once a Tonganoxie boy, was badly hurt in an auto accident at Fort Worth the first part of the month. He had both bones of his right leg broken below the knee and had his left hand badly smashed. The steering gear of the auto broke and the car went over a high embankment. Mr. Jahn has a big blacksmith and wagon shop at Fort Worth.

The Wrights have a new safety device for aviators. If it doesn’t work any better than the safety devices on elevators the rate of risk on aviators will not be reduced.

A 9-pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Shrimplin at Kansas City, Kansas Saturday. The parents formerly lived west of Tonganoxie.

An 8-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roberts died Tuesday.

Fifty years ago last Thursday Mr. and Mrs. CJ Halsted were united in marriage near Clinton, Wis. A modest family observance of the event took place at their home in the north part of town on the anniversary day, at which only children, grandchildren and a nephew, Elmer Himoe of Omaha, Neb., were present. (Both the Halsteds were born in Norway and were brought to America when they were young. It took both the sailing vessels ten weeks and four days to make the trip to America. Mrs. Halsted came over in 1840 and Mr. Halsted in 1846.)


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