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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

February 15, 2011

We’ve seen and had some great 150th birthday parties for our beautiful state of Kansas. The Great Plains, the Flint Hills and so much more. Today I’d like to go back to its 100th birthday.

We lived in Manhattan, and it was a small town compared to what it is now. Its people all got into the act, as we all prepared for the great occasion. At that time you drove into Manhattan right off U.S. Highway 24-40 right straight down Poyntz Avenue. It was the main street of the city. Store fronts all the way through filled up with displays, one of which I want to tell you about. The Home Extension group of which I was a member had 32 members, as I recall (not all active). Probably 25, 26, of us worked so hard for weeks, really. We actually brought the Great Seal of Kansas to life. When finished there was the rolling hills, the buffalo, the covered wagons, the whole seal: every critter, the landscape, and all. We had two ladies who were professional art people in our group who spearheaded the whole thing. We learned how to handle paper mache, and with it we molded and made the creatures, wagons, etc. We made the animals first using soft (like chicken) wire to first form them and then we mudded the mache over. “You can almost feel these little fellas coming to life,” one said.

We had worked so hard, but it was all worth it when finished. So had so many others on their many such projects.


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