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Remember When: A Community Review

January 4, 2011

10 years ago: Dec. 20, 2000

Jill Ferguson, Tonganoxie, again has been awarded a scholarship from the music department at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Ferguson is in her second year at the college, and she has been given a scholarship each semester she’s attended classes there. Among her activities with the school, Ferguson is a singer in the Madrigal Choir. She is the daughter of Johnnie and JoAnn Ferguson, Tonganoxie.

Deaths: Novella M. Connell, 81, a former Kansas City, Kan., resident died Dec.15, 2000, in a nursing home in Paola; George Gress, 79, Independence, Kan., died Dec. 12, 2000 at a nursing home there; Hazel R. Starns, 88, Leavenworth, died Dec. 14, 2000; Raymond G. Williams, 70, Drexel, Mo., died Dec.15, 2000, at his home.

It’s time to get Star Struck. Tonganoxie’s Star Struck Dance Center, 504 E. Fourth, is geared up for a fun-filled year of tap, ballet, pointe, tumbling, cheerleading, piano playing and voice lessons. It offers everything that girls and boys dream about. But none of it would be possible without Cynthia Starcher.

Barny and Janice Baragary, Boonville, Mo., will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception for family and friends from 1:30 to 4 p.m. Dec. 30 at the church hall in Jarbalo.

This year, it’s Jingle Bells times three at the home of Mike, Becky and Maggie Derzinski, where triplets Jon, Joe and Jake are on the move (the triplets were 17 months old and ready to help decorate the Christmas tree).

25 years ago: Dec. 18, 1985

Donald Collins is pictured with a 12-point buck, which he killed at 7:45 a.m. Dec. 7. Mr. Collins was close to Perry Lake when he got the buck. It had a 19 1/2-inch horn spread and weighed 280 pounds.

Deaths: Thomas Edward Hoffhines, 66, Tonganoxie, died Dec. 14, 1985, at his home; Mrs. Frances M. Crowley, 86, Liberty, died Thursday.

Births: Michael and Susan Pitts, Kansas City, Kan., are proud to announce the birth of their son, Benjamin Michael, born Nov. 24, 1985.

From Helen Schilling’s “Happenings” column: There have been more falls than we like to report. Mary Harris fell in front of the bank and now has a broken right arm. Carol Don Carlos also had a bad fall but fortunately only sprained her elbow and she says it is much better. Who else?

Mrs. Mildred Young played host to the Reading Club, Friday, Dec. 6 at her home. Lois Seelbinder provided the program, showing and narrating slides of her trip to the Holy Land.

50 years ago: Jan. 5, 1961

Deaths: Mrs. Bertha Aikens, RR 3, Tonganoxie, died Jan. 1, 1961, at the age of 77 years; William Holder, age 82, Tonganoxie, died Jan. 3, 1961.

In a litterbug contest sponsored by the Federated Clubs in Tonganoxie, the following three were picked as winners: Bruce Koerth, Larry Andrews and Karen Freeman. Bruce Koerth has been notified he placed second in the District. His poster was sponsored by the Reading Club.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kemler, Basehor, a son, Terry Eugene, Dec. 31, 1960; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Handley, Kansas City, Kan., a daughter, Marilyn Joyce, on Dec. 31, 1960; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Slawson, Topeka, a son, Robert Roy, Dec. 28, 1960; Mr. and Mrs. William E. Krikade, Los Angeles, a daughter, Teri Sue, Dec. 10, 1960; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobs announce the birth of a son, Jeffrey Robert, Dec. 30, 1960.

Basehor Weekly Notes: Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bates announce the birth of a daughter, Dec. 25. They have named her Judith Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Swope announce the birth of a son, Dec. 30. They have given him the name Gregory Charles.

75 years ago: Dec. 12, 1935

She Is 80 Years Young: Mrs. S.J. Warren Settled Near Basehor Before Town or Railroads Were Started: Basehor, Kansas, Dec. 11: Fourteen children and grandchildren of Mrs. S.J. Warren celebrated Mrs. Warren’s 80th birthday on Thanksgiving Day.

Tonganoxie is now a peaceable town, its city jail is rarely occupied and the office of police judge is vacant for lack of business. But in the 70s (1870s), the town was rough. The first jail, a wooden structure, was built on the corner of Third and Delaware, near where Fred Papenhausen now lives. This was taken as an affront by the lawless element who set fire to it and burned it in 1873. (A stone structure was raised in the same location but blown up January 9, 1874. Nothing then was done until 1886, when cells were ordered and a new jail built. The cages are still in use in the basement of city hall, where the jail was moved when that building was built with money left the city for that purpose by the late Crawford Moore.)

Mrs. Henry Klinkenberg suffered a heart attack at her home Monday afternoon.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Rumsey of Lawrence, a daughter, born Dec. 4.

Probably one of the greatest surprises received by the President after his return to Washington after a month’s vacation was finding Mrs. Roosevelt at home.

100 years ago: Dec. 22, 1910

The Sunday schools are all to have the old-fashioned Christmas trees and exercises will be held in four churches.

Archie Knox is milking 40 cows and gets 120 gallons of milk a day. That’s a good winter yield.

Electric lights are now furnished from the new twin gas engines. After the first of the year, it is the intention to give 24-hour service.

Owen Larkins, one of the skimming station operators at Basehor, was in town Tuesday. He reported that Basehor receives 14,000 to 15,000 pounds of milk every other day.

Santa Claus will make his bow to the people of Pony Creek and vicinity, Saturday evening, Dec. 24. He will not only make his bow but he will hand down things from the bough of the large Christmas tree, which will be found waiting for him.

A little daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Koch last Friday.

Charlie Woodward came in from Meeker, Colo., Monday, to stay about a month. Charlie’s claim is about 10 miles from Meeker and he has preempted it, which means that by paying $1.25 per acre, he can get a title from the government in six months.


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