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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

January 18, 2011

Quilts, quilts and quilts: that’s a whole world in itself, so to speak. A major part of our great grandmothers’ world. Their closets and shelves always held extras, as they spent those long winter evenings in their own homes. Then, as ladies have always done on those get-together afternoons, they would all gather at each others’ homes, bringing their quilt pieces.

A warm winter quilt is the very best of gifts for those newlyweds. Oh, and another special gift for the newlyweds was “the rag bag.” You see, in those days there was no such thing as a roll of paper towels, or a box of Kleenex. And the newlyweds had, of course, no worn out sheets to tear up for rags.

Someone would usually take a cloth flour sack, run a drawstring around its top edge, decorate the bag with embroidery, flowers, even buttons sewn over to be taken off to replace lost buttons.

A very special grandmother I know made a jean quilt for her granddaughter this very Christmas, ripping up some of her favorite outgrown jeans.

After ripping all the seams, just spread the sections over a thin blanket, sheet, even thin curtain fabric and pin the pieces in place. It’s wise to do a bit of basting. Or if you start in the center, you may actually sew on the machine, remove from the machine and add additional sections, back to the machine and so on. Of course, when you get the top all finished, put any kind of back on to finish the quilt. Windbreaker fabric is good, especially when it becomes that car quilt.

Yes, it’s a bit of a tough one to make, but well worth the time and effort when you see the happy smiles as he or she hugs that always to be a very favorite quilt. It will often follow them to be their car quilt when they get that first car.

Friendship quilts, those are another old-time favorite. A group of ladies all make the same design or pattern with a plain white piece in its center embroidery and their own name on the plain piece. They then exchange blocks with each other.

We’ll talk about some other special quilts later. By the way, quilt making is making a great comeback all around us.

Give somebody a big warm hug now. Love you and God bless.

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