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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 12, 2011

Several have been asking if I could give them or show them what wild greens to use.

No, I’m afraid not. I’ve long forgotten. My mother knew how to mix them. I know if she’d gathered some certain ones she’d say, “I need just a handful of good big dandelion leaves for this mix now.”

I know early in the year, for instance, the first two or three pickings were best. Some of them, I guess, lost their best flavor, became too strong as the plants grew older.

A good idea or hint for storage containers (one of my sister’s tricks): She would always buy, at junk shops, garage or auction sales, good firm metal or metal framed suitcases to use for storage containers — of course, that was before plastic tubs.

She died of cancer this past April. Her granddaughters were amazed at all that “Gram” had stored in those suitcases, the perfect condition of the contents, from linens to crafts, to papers — those forms and things we must keep forever so long in perfect condition. Those suitcases didn’t take up near the space that the plastic tubs do either.

I can’t use a name here, but a good friend has a very special hint for us all. She and her husband were the victims of fraud just recently. This hint comes down from the FBI, in fact.

Use gel pens for all checks you write. Those checks can’t be washed for re-use.

They’d paid a bill with check number (so and so). That check number cleared their bank twice, the second time through it was for a huge amount. The account number and tracking number were theirs, the rest of the check front altered.

See you next week.

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