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City codes inspector proposes city not require mowing of larger ag use properties

July 12, 2011

A proposal that the city not require unplatted properties of more than 3 acres be mowed was pitched Monday to the Tonganoxie City Council.

City codes inspector Mark Lee made the recommendation, noting that the city was receiving complaints that large open areas were not being mowed in volation to city code.

Most of the larger tracts, although they may have other zoning, are used for agricultural proposes such as pastures, crops or hay, Lee said. He and City Clerk Kathy Bard said the city currently was not enforcing its policy that the tracts be mowed on those properties.

The proposed change would not remove landowners’ obligation to eradicate thistles and other noxious weeds, Lee said. Landowners would also be required to mow public right-of-ways, he said.

Lee said the change would not apply to undeveloped areas in platted subdivisions.

Council members didn’t voice opposition to the proposal, but Councilman Bill Peak said he had received complaints about one property with unmowed grass and junk. Peak asked for more information on the locations of properties affected by the change. That will be provided at the July 25 meeting when the council formally considers the new ordinance.

Lee also proposed an ordinance establishing guidelines residential builders must follow during construction to control soil erosion. It sets standards for silt fences and protection measures required to keep soil runoff from clogging curbs and drains.

That ordinance will also be considered at the July 25 council meeting.

In other business, the council agreed to Mayor Jason Ward’s request that members complete job evaluation forms for City Administrator Mike Yanez before considering a two-year extension of his contract, which is set to expire Dec. 31. The mayor said the council would consider the extension on July 25.

Councilman Dennis Bixby said he was ready to move ahead with the consideration, but the majority of the council wanted to fill out the forms before taking that step.


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