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TIdal Waves girls win league titles

July 12, 2011

The Tongie Tidal Waves finished their season Friday by winning 11 league titles — all in girls events — at the Lake and Country Club League Championships.

The Tonganoxie swimming team finished fourth in the team standings at the league meet thanks in large part to first-place finishes in nine individual events at Wollman Aquatic Center in Leavenworth.

With victories in three different individual events, Courtney Cruickshank (10 and under) had a very successful Friday at the league meet. She won the butterfly, breaststroke and medley races and swam on two championship relay teams.

Emma Stilgenbauer (18 and under) won league titles in both the freestyle and backstroke races, Mikayla Rhoads (6 and under) finished first in freestyle and backstroke and Abigail Frye (12 and under) took home a league crown in freestyle.

The Tidal Waves’ 10 and under girls won a pair of relay championships. Cruickshank, Rilee Garner, Marisa Kearns and Caia Niemeyer won the freestyle relay event. Cruickshank, Kearns and Niemeyer were joined by Meron Hayden as winners of the medley relay.

Swimmers had to qualify for the individual league finals by finishing in the top 12 at prelims on July 5 and 6.

Lake and Country Club League Championships

Friday at Wollman Aquatic Center, Leavenworth

Team scores: 1. Piper, 321; 2. Turner, 307; 3. Leavenworth, 304; 4. Tongie Tidal Waves, 277; 5. Bonner Springs, 153.

Tidal Waves results



18 and younger

Lacie Falk — second, freestyle relay.

Nikki Gee — second, medley relay; fourth, breaststroke.

Sidney Grinter — second, medley relay.

Emma Stilgenbauer — first, freestyle, backstroke; second, freestyle relay, butterfly, medley.

14 and younger

Hope Creten — fifth, freestyle relay, medley relay.

Allison Cydney — fifth, medley relay.

Cydney Garner — fifth, freestyle relay.

Ricki Griffith — fifth, medley relay.

Bailey Jackson — fifth, freestyle relay.

12 and younger

Emily Chambers — third, freestyle relay.

Abigail Frye — first, freestyle; second, butterfly, breaststroke; third, freestyle relay, medley (14 and under); fifth, medley relay (14u).

Samantha Koch — fourth, medley relay; fifth, freestyle relay (14 and younger).

Ashley Stieben — third, freestyle relay; fourth, medley relay; sixth, backstroke.

Nicole Tallent — fourth, medley relay; sixth, backstroke.

Grace Woods — third, freestyle relay; fourth, medley relay.

10 and younger

Courtney Cruickshank — first, freestyle relay, medley relay, butterfly, breaststroke, medley; third, freestyle.

Rilee Garner — first, freestyle relay; second, backstroke; fourth, freestyle; fifth, medley, butterfly.

Meron Hayden — first, medley relay.

Marisa Kearns — first, freestyle relay, medley relay, backstroke; second, freestyle; third, butterfly; fourth, medley.

Caia Niemeyer — first, freestyle relay, medley relay.

8 and younger

Emma Jackson — third, freestyle relay.

Cadyn Niemeyer — third, freestyle relay; sixth, breaststroke.

Allyson Sparks — third, freestyle relay.

Hannah Stieben — third, freestyle relay.

6 and younger

Ellie Jackson — second, backstroke; third, freestyle; fourth, freestyle relay.

Mikayla Rhoads — first, freestyle, backstroke; fourth, freestyle relay.

Alivia Rietbrock — fourth, freestyle relay.


18 and younger

William Bond — second, freestyle relay; third, backstroke.

David Falk— second, freestyle relay, breaststroke; fourth, medley; fifth, freestyle, butterfly.

Cody Martin — fourth, butterfly; fifth, backstroke; sixth, freestyle.

Lee Maughmer — second, medley relay, backstroke; sixth, butterfly, breaststroke.

Evan Stilgenbauer — second, medley relay, freestyle; third, butterfly, medley; fifth, breaststroke.

14 and younger

Asher Huseman — second, breaststroke; third, freestyle relay; fourth, medley relay.

Levi Koch — third, freestyle relay; fourth, medley relay.

12 and younger

James Breedlove — second, freestyle relay.

Holden DeGraff — second, freestyle relay.

Luke Falk — third, freestyle relay (14 and under); fourth, breaststroke, medley, medley relay (14u) ; fifth, backstroke.

Gad Huseman — second, freestyle relay, butterfly, breaststroke, medley; third, medley relay; fifth, freestyle.

Zeb Huseman — second, freestyle relay, backstroke; third, freestyle; fourth, medley relay (14 and under); fifth, butterfly.

Jake Derzinski — third, medley relay

Patterson Starcher — third, medley relay, freestyle relay (14 and under); sixth, butterfly.

Jon Derzinski — third, medley relay

10 and younger

Garrett Eason — third, freestyle relay; fifth, butterfly.

Alex Falk — third, freestyle relay; fourth, backstroke.

Aaron Plaschka — third, freestyle relay.

Braxton Shupe — third, freestyle relay.

8 and younger

Jack Duvall — second, freestyle relay, breaststroke.

Gage Hayden — sixth, backstroke.

Max Plaschka — second, freestyle relay; sixth, freestyle.

Dustin Rhoads — second, freestyle relay; fifth, backstroke; sixth, breaststroke.

William Weatherford — second, freestyle relay; third, freestyle.

6 and younger

Caleb Weatherford — fourth, freestyle relay.



18 and younger

Lacie Falk — freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, medley.

Nikki Gee — butterfly, medley.

Sidney Grinter —backstroke, breaststroke.

Emily Minear — butterfly.

Alexis Tate — breaststroke.

12 and younger

Ashley Stieben — freestyle, butterfly, medley.

Nicole Tallent — breaststroke, medley.

Grace Woods — butterfly, backstroke.

10 and younger

Meron Hayden — breaststroke.

Caia Niemeyer — backstroke, freestyle.

8 and younger

Cadyn Niemeyer — freestyle, backstroke.

Emma Jackson — freestyle, backstroke.

Hannah Stieben — backstroke.

Allyson Sparks — backstroke, breaststroke.

6 and younger

Alivia Rietbrock — freestyle, backstroke


18 and younger

Seth Ahart — freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke.

William Bond — freestyle, butterfly.

Cody Koch — freestyle.

Cody Martin — medley.

Lee Maughmer — medley.

Josh Sloan — freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke.

14 and younger

Levi Koch — freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke.

12 and younger

James Breedlove — backstroke, medley.

Holden DeGraff — butterfly, breaststroke, medley.

Jake Derzinski — backstroke.

Joe Derzinski — butterfly.

Luke Falk — butterfly.

Patterson Starcher — freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke.

10 and younger

Garrett Eason — freestyle, backstroke.

Alex Falk — freestyle, breaststroke, individual medley.

Wyatt Martin — backstroke.

Braxton Shupe — freestyle, breaststroke.

8 and younger

Jack Duvall — freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke.

Gage Hayden — freestyle.

Dustin Rhoads — freestyle.

6 and younger

Cody Kesinger — freestyle.

Caleb Weatherford — freestyle, backstroke.


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