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Brownback’s touting of road project touting of road projects misguided

June 14, 2011

For more than a week, Gov. Sam Brownback has been traveling the state, touting more than $1.8 billion in major highway projects.

It is disingenuous, if not downright deceitful, for the Governor to now take credit for projects that are being financed by a tax increase he openly criticized in his 2010 campaign.

These projects are part of the state’s comprehensive transportation plan, which was spearheaded by Gov. Mark Parkinson and supported by a majority of legislators in the 2010 session. This plan will be vital to the safety of our roads, highways and bridges for years to come. It will also create 60,000 construction jobs and bring $6.4 billion to our state’s economy during the next 10 years.

These projects are a lifeline to our state, especially at a time when so many Kansans are still struggling to find jobs.

Ironically, at each of Gov. Brownback’s media stops, he’s failed to mention that he and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer were staunch opponents of the sales tax increase needed to pay for these essential projects. In fact, as a state senator, Jeff Colyer voted in favor of the transportation plan and then voted against its funding.

Sam Brownback shouldn’t take credit for the success of the highway plan since he so loudly opposed its funding just one year ago. The people of Kansas won’t be fooled.

— Hensley is Senate Democratic Leader for the Kansas Legislature. He is from Topeka.


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