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Letter: Kansas shouldn’t accept grant money through health care reform act

June 14, 2011

To the editor:

The Governor is overseeing the voluntary implementation of Obama Care in Kansas despite his campaign promise to fight what he has described as an “un-Constitutional”, “socialism” which will “destroy the Kansas budget” and ruin the private insurance industry. Since 2010 Kansas has been accepting millions in federal grants to implement Obama Care with the last such grant for $31.5 million, being accepted by the Governor in February 2011. Most experts agree with Gov. Brownback’s assessment of what Obama Care will do to the state.

Although no state is obligated to develop or implement its own exchange, Kansas is doing so voluntarily under grant contracts with the federal government. A couple of other states fell into this trap and ended up sending their grant money back, including Oklahoma, to avoid being “married to” Obama Care.

The governor promised to do all he could to fight off this federal power grab when he was campaigning. He needs to send the federal bribe money back and stand on principle rather than to, on one hand, say the law is un-Constitutional and destructive but on the other hand agreeing to implement it for “federal money.” That may be acceptable in D.C. but it’s not in Topeka. Is this law less destructive or less un-Constitutional simply because the feds threw in a few pieces of silver?

Richard D. Fry,



mack8 8 years, 1 month ago

Really? Destroy the private insurance industry and you are opposed to that? Health Insurance is a rip off. Everyone knows it. They have to do something to try and fix it and if it runs the private insurance industry out..then so be it, they are all crooks. Have you ever been sick and had to use your health insurance? I work for a company that has a well known health insurance company providing employees insurance and I figured it doesn't pay for anything. It cost the employer and myself $18K before it even really touches anything. So basically it isn't health insurance anymore, it's for major medical expenses. Something has to give!! I'm glad that Obama is at least trying to do something. Maybe it's not the right thing, but it's something.


tlbrook 8 years, 1 month ago

Finally, Sam Brownback is doing something sensible and thinking (hopefully) about what the people of Kansas need! The whole Republican idea of switching Medicare (and eventually Medicaid) into a voucher program is to pay back the private insurance industry for the millions of dollars it's floated to the Republican candidates and newly minted congress men/women. I, too, am glad that President Obama was able to get "something" pushed through after all these years of people becoming uninsured or underinsured. If it's unconstitutional to make people responsible for purchasing a health insurance policy then it's unconstituional to make it mandatory for people to have to buy car insurance and homeowner's insurance. Mr. Fry, you must have never been in a situation where you either lost your health insurance or was unable to afford it...otherwise you would be much more empathetic to those millions of people in our state and around the country who have none.


kansanjayhawk 8 years, 1 month ago

Obama care will give us the worst healthcare that money can buy. We will take our current system and upend it resulting in long lines and very poor care. I would like more information about why Brownback's Adminstration is doing this but it may be because of some mandates from the fed's that are already in place.


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