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May 17, 2011

Ed and Peggy Gillaspie spent a few days in Branson, Mo., the week of May 6 for their 39th anniversary.

Brian and Linda K. Schwinn hosted a patio party for their sons on May 7. Christopher graduated from Benedictine College and Justin from Pleasant Ridge High School. Friends, relatives and classmates attended.

Greg and Marie Gillaspie had a bowling party on May 8 for their son Reily's third birthday after a Mother's Day lunch at Applebee's. Relatives attended.

Evelyn Schwinn enjoyed Mother's Day lunch with Ray and Jeanette Cole and family at Pullman Place Family Restaurant in Leavenworth.

Wayne and Anabel Knapp's son, Estal, came in the evening of May 6 and stayed all night with them. The next day he drove to the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Kansas Speedway, in Kansas City, Kan. Those attending could either ride or drive. Estal chose to drive under supervision of professionals. Each driver made eight laps and came in for further instruction. Then each driver went back for 10 more laps. Estal's speed was 94 miles per hour at the end. Each successful driver was awarded a graduation certificate. He really enjoyed it.

Kirk and Austin Knapp had supper with Wayne and Anabel Knapp and mowed the grass on May 7.


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