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Remember when: A community review of Tonganoxie

November 1, 2011

10 years ago: Oct. 17, 2001

The bridge over Stranger Creek in Linwood is still standing but, weather permitting, will come down next week (The 94-year-old bridge had been damaged by June floodwaters and the removal was estimated to cost $62,450.).

Deaths: Danny W. Clark, 39, Auburn, died Oct. 11, 2001; Ransley McNulty, 75, Tonganoxie, died Oct. 11, 2001; Gary Lincoln Scott, 61, and Betty Louise Scott, 69, rural Tonganoxie, died at their home Oct. 7, 2001.

History at Quaker View: (Caption under picture.) Susy Ross explains the art of making American Indian clothing, stressing how the Indians used everything in nature to make what they needed. In the background, Fred Leimkuhler and his dog, Brother Hiram, wait. (100-plus second grade students from Tonganoxie Elementary School were visiting Quaker View. The children were learning about artifacts and arrowheads, traditions and dress of American Indians, how to draw, make pottery, string bright pieces of pasta into colorful necklaces, and to sit still during face paintings.)

Otis Box celebrated his 95th birthday Aug. 12 at his daughter's home in rural Lawrence.

Five Generations: (Caption under picture.) These five generations gathered on July 25 for George Chaffin's 84th birthday. They are Delana Webb, Kansas City, Kan., and Gwen Vassar, Tonganoxie, and George Chaffin, who is holding Jaidyn Scott Nelson, Independence, Mo., and Daniel Nelson.

Marilyn Fight holds a homegrown sweet potato that weighs 7 pounds, 8 ounces that she grew with the help of her husband, Loyd. The Fights plant sweet potatoes every summer and said this year’s crop was one of the best. She sometimes boils the large sweet potatoes, often mixing with fruit and nuts to make a salad (Caption under picture).

25 years ago: Oct. 15, 1986

Carl Barnhart celebrated his 90th birthday Oct. 15. Mr. Barnhart is an active citizen and member of an antique car organization. He lives on a pleasant hill, with a country view, overlooking Tonganoxie and has an unusual pet cat.

Bill Dykes, of Rt. 3, Tonganoxie, recently caught five 8-pound catfish on chicken livers in an area pond in Leavenworth County (Bill was shown with the forty pounds of fish.).

Springdale News: Mr. and Mrs. James Minears announce the birth of their daughter, Heather Ann, born Oct. 10, 1986.

On Sept. 28, 1986, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kissinger were honored with a surprise 25th wedding anniversary reception. This was given by their children and held at the Leavenworth county 4-H Building.

Death: Geneva Cox, Kansas City, Missouri, born June 2, 1908, in Coleridge, Neb., died Oct. 6, 1986.

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan “Bud” Shoemaker went to California to visit two of his sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse James at Maywood, and Mr. and Mrs. Wavy James at Bell Gardens. The Shoemakers were also celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary, and so they stopped in Nevada, and at Laughlin were very fortunate ... had a very profitable strike ... just like the gold rush days. But isn't it fun?

50 years ago: Nov. 2, 1961

A truckload of turkeys seen on the main street helps to remind us that November has arrived. One other sure sign of November, although not quite as happy, the appearance of personal property taxes accompanied by red-faced and bitter people.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Greenwell announce the birth of their son, Edward Alan, Oct. 28, 1961; Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose J. Davoren announce the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth Ann, born Oct. 10, 1961.

Deaths: Thomas William Gallagher, Tonganoxie, died Oct. 29, 1961; Mrs. Opal Fay Weeks, age 46, rural Tonganoxie, died Nov. 2, 1961; Mrs. Louise Husser, 87, Leavenworth, died early Sunday at her home.

Fallout shelter plans are available at the post office and both lumber yards.

Linwood News: William (Bill) Nemire, age 51, died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Elsie Taylor, Kansas City, Oct. 29, 1961.

75 years ago: Oct. 8, 1936

More than 300 friends, neighbors and relatives visited Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Farrell of Tonganoxie during the “at home” given by them Wednesday on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary.

The Franklin employees and their families were guests of the Franklin Ice Cream Co. at the annual picnic held Wednesday afternoon and evening at the Ivanhoe Country Club in Kansas City. A bus was chartered so transportation was provided for all.

Tonganoxie has a new citizen today but won’t vote for a while, at least not in this election. He goes by the name of Ratliff, masculine gender, and when he gets a hat, will hang it up at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Ratliff. Looks like a third generation of druggists for Tonganoxie.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weidman of Washington, D.C., announce the birth of their son, Donald Robert, born Oct. 3, 1936.

Mrs. J.A. Keller, 61, died Sept. 30, at her home 7 miles north of Tonganoxie.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Denholm entertained the members of the EB & WA Club and celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary Saturday evening, Oct. 3.

A group of ladies gathered at the home of Mrs. L.F. Young, Tuesday, surprising her with a handkerchief shower in honor of her 61st birthday anniversary.

100 years ago: Oct. 19, 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Noble announce the birth of a son at their home in Oakley, Kansas, last week.

The federal prison now feeds the convicts milk in powdered form. There are several ways of reducing milk to powder but the apparatus is costly.

The 13th cavalry again camped in Harris' grove Saturday night, while on their return trip to Fort Riley from a hike to St. Joseph, Mo.

Has anybody stopped to figure out what was done with all the money before people began to buy automobiles?

Ed McKeehen died in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kansas City yesterday morning at eight o'clock following an operation for appendicitis. Ears.

James Fullam, for many years a resident of Stranger township, died from old age about three o'clock yesterday morning at the home of James L. Fox, four miles east of town, at the advanced age of 91 years. (Later: Mrs. Fox died at three o'clock this morning, outliving her brother 24 hours. She was about 80 years old. Mrs. Fox had a stroke of apoplexy several weeks ago.)

Ed McNerney is having his scales changed so he can read them without going out of doors.

Jesse Carter says his loss on the fire Sunday morning will be about $2,000. He had carried insurance about 25 years and then quit, thinking his house was safe. Mr. Carter sustained a burn on his face moving articles from his home.

The Virginia school building and the school ground in Sherman township will be sold at the schoolhouse next Wednesday to the highest bidder. The school district has been dismembered and thrown into the adjoining districts.


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