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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

November 21, 2011

This from a grandmother just recently: “I am so ashamed to admit that I know so little about sewing.”

I assured her that was nothing of which to be ashamed. It is so easy to begin at any age. In fact, so many do learn after retirement from a very busy career life.

There is such a wide variety of fields in the sewing world. You may like to use the sewing machine and make clothing, for instance, for those precious little grandchildren or for yourself. You can find sewing classes in night school or at sewing machine sales shops, along with many other places.

If it’s hand sewing, like crafts, quilt making, etc., that you like, you will find many groups or friends, etc. So just get started and have fun. The rewards are great and many. Sewing is a big, wide world.

Home economics touches on and teaches the basics. Many students take such courses then pick it up after marrying for homemaking and raising their families.

One such young mother needed help with needles. She was trying to sew knit fabric and having all sorts of problems. Believe me that’s a quick way to learn about needles. The ball point needle is “so right” for sewing that knit fabric, a real eye-opener about the importance of using the right needle.

The size of the needle must conform to the weight of the fabric being used.

Machine needles range from size 10, or medium, to 16 to 18, or coarse.

Hand sewing needles come in many sizes, and for all fabrics and uses. Find them at fabric shops and good notion counters. Good needles are very important.

God bless you all. Pray for our troubled leaders.

— Aunt Norie, P O Box 265, Tonganoxie, KS 66086;


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